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Meet the 2017 PES Candidates

Beginning in August, the voting membership of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) will have the opportunity to elect our future leadership.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Edvina Uzunovic, Miroslav Begovic & Marianna Vaiman

Never has been education so much discussed and made important in the portfolio of IEEE PES activities.
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PES eNews Update

Power System Relaying Committee Annual Report

2016 Annual Report for the Power System Relaying Committee (PRSC).
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Transmission and Distribution Committee Annual Report

2016 Annual Report for the Transmission and Distribution Committee.
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2016 PES Distinguished Lecturer Program Report

The IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides lectures worldwide to present topics of current interest for chapter meetings...
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Integrated at the Beginning

March/April PES Magazine

Integrated at the Beginning

California is at the forefront of the power grid evolution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable customer self-generation. Distributed energy resources...

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