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Tutorial on Energy Storage by IEEE PES/ESSB Committee

The IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee will conduct an Energy Storage Tutorial as part of its ESSB General Meeting on Thursday, June 15.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Juan Carlos Montero, VP Membership and Image

We are very happy to announce that IEEE PES closed 2016 with more than 37,000 members—capping off 10 consecutive years of positive membership growth.
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PES eNews Update

Switchgear Committee Report 2016

IEEE Power and Energy Society Entity Annual Report 2016 for the Switchgear Committee.
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Substations Committee Report 2016

IEEE Power and Energy Society 2016 Entity Annual Report for the Substations Committee.
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Bryan Gwyn, Region 1 Representative

The impact of renewables is one of the greatest challenges facing the power industry today and Region 1 is no exception...
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Integrated at the Beginning

March/April PES Magazine

Integrated at the Beginning

California is at the forefront of the power grid evolution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable customer self-generation. Distributed energy resources...

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