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Boston Proud: 2016 IEEE PES General Meeting

IEEE PES T&D Conference & ExpositionMore than 3200 PES members and energy industry enthusiasts converged on Boston to experience the next chapter in the society.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Robin Podmore, VP New Initiatives and Outreach

Growing up on a small farming town in New Zealand with a passion for building things, I knew I wanted to become an engineer...
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PES eNews Update

Energy Development and Power Generation

2015 IEEE Power and Energy Society Entity Annual Report for the Energy Development and Power Generation TC.
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Region 7 (Canada) Chapters Report

IEEE Region 7 represents Canadian PES chapters. The Chapter Representatives for Canada-East is Wahab Almuhtadi...
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IEEE PES Student Congress

The second edition of IEEE PES Student Congress was successfully held on 15-17 of August 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...
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Shocking Tales

November/December PES Magazine

Shocking Tales

Expect the unexpected! Try as we might to anticipate and prepare for power system contingencies, it seems impossible to predict...

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