World Utility Summit - Call for Case Study Presentation

Deadline for submission 20th November, 2015


The World Utility Summit (WUS) organizing committee is inviting individual from electricity utility, consulting firm, and electricity R&D establishment to submit case studies about success stories in the electricity field of "Utility Management" and "Business Model Innovations" through their strategies, practices and achievements. Participation in this call requires a submission of an abstract of 1-2 pages as per the prescribed format by email to indicating in the subject line "WUS - Call for case study presentation".

Deadline for submission is 20th November, 2015

Brief about WUS

For a world that faces increasingly interconnected issues, the power utilities continue to operate, improve and grow limitedly in their regional silos. There is a pertinent need for power utilities worldwide to co-visualize solutions to challenges arising from fast evolving global changes.

Elecrama has taken the lead in collaboration with IEEE Power and Energy Society, to conceive and develop a pioneering utility-only, thought leadership event World Utility Summit attempts to create a world platform and set the agenda for the future, actively playing the role of a key enabler for the eco-system, to develop optimal solutions, technology & products. It will be the first step in the long journey to creating integrated, sustainable utilities of the future. World Utility Summit is envisioned to evolve into a World Utility Forum over the next few editions.

The theme of the first edition of World Utility Summit is UTILITY 2.0, which aptly sums the way forward for the Utilities and will address the critical challenges facing the utilities, namely;

  • Economics: The real cost of electricity, capital expenditure vs. operating expenditure.
  • Impact of technology (IoT, EVs, Renewable, etc.) on Grid Architecture
  • Changing consumer & social behaviour and its impact on demand and consumption patterns.
  • New role of Policy and Regulatory frameworks

The World Utility Summit is a 'by-invitation-only' event, exclusive for the CXOs of Utilities of the world and will be co-located with the prestigious and the world's largest platform for power T&D stakeholders - ELECRAMA, from 14 to 16 February, 2016 at Bangalore, India.

Workshop format

In the WUS, there will be 4 keynote, 3 plenary, 2 parallel panel and 2 workshop sessions. Two workshop sessions will be held in two parallel tracks viz., "Utility Management" & "Business Model Innovations". Each session will have one moderator and two speakers and the session duration is 60 minutes. Selected speaker shall make a presentation of his case study for 20 minutes, through an interactive session involving the WUS delegates. Moderator of the session will have initial remarks and introduction of the speakers for 5 minutes and last 15 minutes of the sessions will be devoted for interactive discussions.

Across world electricity utilities, numerous activities are underway to improve the technical, operational and financial performance of the utilities. The aim of this call for case studies is to present to the delegates of WUS, two such best case studies in the field of "Utility Management" and "Business Model Innovations".

Submission format

Prospective participants for this call are requested to submit the case study presentation proposal in the following format.

  1. Provide; Name, Sir-name, titles, affiliation and short biography (max 120 words)
  2. Indicate the workshop case study theme as "Utility Management" or "Business Model Innovations".
  3. Provide a title and an abstract (up to 150 words) within the case study theme.
  4. Provide the key results in terms of benefit to the utility in terms of technical, operational, financial impacts (up to two, A4 size pages).
  5. Give an undertaking that on selection, will participate in the WUS which will be held on 14th - 16th Feb. 2016.
  6. Give an undertaking to permit the free distribution of the presentation/discussion material to the WUS delegates and also publicizing the presentation in the WUS website, if selected and presented.
  7. Submit by email to id indicating in the subject line "WUS - Call for case study presentation", by 20th November, 2015.

Selection Procedure

The advisory committee of the WUS or any other designated panel will review the abstracts and select two case studies under each category and will intimate the speaker by 30th November, 2015.

Participation in WUS

The selected speakers will have the free invite to WUS and all its concurrent activities as a speaker.