Webinar VSC HVDC June 2013

IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series

Introduction to VSC HVDC Technology

June 20, 2013  2:00 pm eastern

Presented by Randy Wachal of Manitoba HVDC Research Centre


HVDC VSC technology has developed extremely quickly and offers many attractive alternatives over the more mature LCC HVDC technology. This introduction to VSC presents the basic VSC system configurations. The operation of VSC technology, VSC control systems, including the flexibility of VSC converters control systems, as well as a comparison of VSC and LCC HVDC technologies will be discussed.

As the simulation of VSC MMC technology presents several EMT simulation challenges, the current status of simulation and model development will be presented. A sample of simulation results discussing the unique issues for start-up and DC line recovery for VSC systems will also be introduced.

While the topic is technical in nature and directed towards power system engineers, others such as system regulators, system and renewable energy developers, and power system operators would benefit from an understanding of VSC HVDC fundamentals.


The Presenter:


Randy Wachal graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BSc EE in 1981. Randy joined Manitoba Hydro where he worked for 13 years on the Nelson River HVDC System as a Control Design and Commissioning Engineer. In 1995, Randy joined the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre where he is currently the Engineering Systems Manager. Randy has been involved in specification, PSCAD simulation, commissioning and lifetime investigation studies on a number of HVDC and SVC systems. Randy is a professional engineer registered in Manitoba, a senior member of IEEE, a member of Cigre, and currently Cigre WG Conveyor of B4-57 on DC Grid HVDC VSC Modeling.