PES Webinar Smart Village - Going Beyond the Light Bulb

IEEE Power & Energy Society Women in Power Webinar Series

Smart Village- Going Beyond the Light Bulb

10 November 2015 12:00 pm eastern

Presented by Nirupama Prakash Kumar, NextEra Energy Resources


IEEE Smart Village has been striving to get basic electrical services to a million people in 5 years, in the most underserved regions of the world, through renewable energy sources. Its ultimate goal is to get electrical services to 50 million people in the next 10 years. However, IEEE Smart Village aims to go beyond just lighting and electrical services. Through its model of partnerships with local NGOs and Entrepreneurs, it strives to create local businesses and local jobs. Through its initiatives in education and community based solutions, it aims to create community development with lasting change. All these initiatives make IEEE Smart Village unique, in the sense that it is going ‘beyond the light bulb’ to create truly Smart Villages around the world. This talk will introduce IEEE Smart Village and its various initiatives to achieve its vision. 


The Presenter:

Niru obtained an undergraduate degree in power systems engineering from University of Mysore, India. After working for IT consulting companies, she decided to move to the U.S. and further her interests in power systems engineering. She finished her MS in Energy Systems from the University of Washington in Seattle and went on to work with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a Dept. of Energy run National Laboratory. Her research interests included effective demand response techniques to improve energy efficiency. She completed her MBA from Cornell University last summer where she was recognized both as an ‘Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow’ as well as an ‘Emerging Markets Fellow’. Her interests now include the most cost effective methods of making technology accessible to the base of the pyramid. She also works as a storage analyst in the Energy Storage Business Development Group at NextEra Energy Resources in Juno Beach, Florida. 
Niru is also heavily involved with IEEE. She is currently the Ambassador for IEEE Smart Village (previously IEEE Community Solutions Initiative (CSI)). She is also part of the IEEE Global SIGHT steering committee and IEEE USA’s Energy Policy Committee. She also served on IEEE’s Humanitarian Ad Hoc Committee whose primary responsibility was to set direction and policies for IEEE member engagement in Humanitarian activities. She has also served as IEEE’s Region 6 (Western US, Alaska and Hawaii) Women in Engineering coordinator helping set up various Women in Engineering groups for the benefit of IEEE women engineers and also for helping in K12 outreach efforts for engineering.