Webinar Low Voltage Distribution Networks

IEEE Power & Energy Society Technical Webinar Series

New Approaches for the Control of Future Low Voltage Distribution Networks

October 28, 2014  11:00 am eastern

Presented by Dr. Luis (Nando) Ochoa
The University of Manchester


The increasing and future adoption of small-to-medium scale low carbon technologies such as wind power, photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles and electric heat pumps is and will pose significant technical and economic challenges on distribution networks. Low voltage distribution networks have been designed to have no controllability and hence are largely unmonitored. However, it is likely that they will become one of the first bottlenecks towards the decarbonisation of our power systems.

This presentation will first introduce the potential problems or impacts of different penetrations of low carbon technologies on LV networks using a Monte Carlo approach to cater for the corresponding uncertainties involved. It will then present and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of some of the potential solutions that might allow higher penetrations without the need of traditional reinforcements. The work is based on different industrial projects hence it will provide insights on real UK LV networks as well as the trialed technologies.

Those involved in electrical distribution, including engineers, consultants, researchers, and electricity distribution companies will gain insights from this webinar.


The Presenter:

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Dr. Luis (Nando) Ochoa is Senior Lecturer in Smart Distribution Networks at The University of Manchester (former UMIST), UK. He is an IEEE Senior Member since 2012. From 2007 to 2010 he was a Research Fellow in Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering gained at UNI (Peru), and a Research MSc and a PhD in Electrical Power Engineering, both gained at UNESP Ilha Solteira (Brazil). Dr. Ochoa has more than 80 reseearch papers in peer-reviewed top ranked journals and top class international conferences. He is also co-inventor of one patent filed by Pysmetrix Ltd. Dr. Ochoa's current research interests include network integration of distributed energy resources and future low-carbon distribution networks.

The study should assess different communication technologies and architectures on the basis of: (1) coverage; (2) operational performance; (3) cost; (4) compliance with standards and regulatory agencies; and (5) security.  Consultants/engineers vary in their choice of different tools and methodologies to assess these items – with each leading to different degrees of accuracy in the analysis.  How can you ensure you take the right approach to telecom planning, and ensure the success of your Smart Grid project?