webinar computing substation march 2013

IEEE Power & Energy Society Webinar Series

The Computing Substation

March 27, 2013  2:00 pm eastern

Presented by Jeffrey Katz of IBM


The computing infrastructure of smart grid is important to its performance, reliability, and security. Just as the grid is not wired with parts from the local hardware store, the server and storage components of the smart grid need to meet the resiliency expected of critical infrastructure. It must not become a weak part of smart grid.

We will discuss how computing and databases interact in typical smart grid scenarios, how hardware system are architected just as software components are, and the ways hardware and software have to be en engineered system to be effective. Utilities should be expecting their computing systems to operate as a substation, that is, a series of pre-built, pre-interfaced components that function self-sufficiently, have a degree of fault tolerance, have internal adaptability, and can be remotely monitored.


The Presenter:


Jeffrey S. Katz is the Chief Technology Officer of the Energy and Utilities industry at IBM. He is involved with the application, development, and innovation of IBM products, services, technology and research for electric power companies and related organizations. Jeff has contributed to the industry's framework, Solution Architecture for Energy (SAFE), the industry group's strategic growth case, the IBM Innovation Jam workshops, the IBM Intelligent Utility Network initiative, and is the primary industry liaison with IBM Research. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He is an IEEE Senior Member and an Open Group Distinguished IT Specialist. He was a panelist at IEEE-ISGT 2012, a speaker at the 2012 IEEE International Conference of Electro/Information Technology, and presented at the PECI conference at UIUC.