Webinar Advanced Analytics for Asset Management

IEEE Power & Energy Society Technical Webinar Series

Advanced Analytics for Asset Management
A Case Study

October 8, 2014  11:00 am eastern

Presented by Jean-Louis Coullon
Asset Management Director, Alstom Grid


Advanced analytics for Maintenance and Replacement decisions. The webinar will present a case study of an Asset Management project implementing an advanced decision process for maintenance and asset replacement in the QATAR distribution network. It describes the principles used to produce an assessment of the health of the entire fleet of assets, together with the concepts retained to prioritize the interventions on the distribution network equipment.

The presentation goes through the actual steps taken for the preparation and execution mode of the overall project. It covers the following project phases:

             Definition of the problem & business objectives

             Process definition and preparation tasks

             Presentation of Solutions

             Execution phase

An overview of the set of analytics deployed to support the Utility decisions will be included.

The project is still in the implementation phase, the conclusions are preliminary but already demonstrate concrete and tangible benefits.

Those who work in asset management or maintenance departments will benefit from this webinar, as well as engineers interested in asset analytics and health models.


The Presenter:
Jean-Louis COULLON
  was born in France in 1956.  He graduated from SUPELEC, France in 1979. He has started his career as an R&D engineer in the aeronautic industry, then in Automation for robotics and car manufacturing. He joined CEGELEC in 1990 to work on Grid Management solutions. Continuing in ALSTOM T&D, AREVA T&D, and now ALSTOM Grid, he held various management positions for designing and delivering Network Management systems, including the creation of the first generation of Distribution Management Systems. With a worldwide role in the Network Management Solutions product line, he was in charge of projects engineering and delivery, and then of the Energy Management Systems and Asset Management Activities. In 2013, he took the responsibility of managing and developing the Asset Management Activity globally in Alstom Grid.

The study should assess different communication technologies and architectures on the basis of: (1) coverage; (2) operational performance; (3) cost; (4) compliance with standards and regulatory agencies; and (5) security.  Consultants/engineers vary in their choice of different tools and methodologies to assess these items – with each leading to different degrees of accuracy in the analysis.  How can you ensure you take the right approach to telecom planning, and ensure the success of your Smart Grid project?