Turning a Page in the Power & Energy Magazine’s History

Damir Novosel, Juan Carlos, Nelson Segoshi, and Jovica Milanovic

Circa January 2003, IEEE PES published its first edition of Power & Energy Magazine. Back then, IEEE PES was known as the IEEE Power Engineering Society. However, it still has the same mission: providing a great resource for electric power professionals.

In that first edition of the magazine, the editorial board launched the publication with great goals in mind. And here’s what they penned so eloquently in that premiere issue:

“Our new magazine is ‘for electric power professionals’ in response to the reality of our industry today and as one means of meeting the goal of PES to reach out to the nontechnical side of the electric power industry and integrate these two critical areas. Feature articles will focus on advanced concepts, technologies, and practices associated with all aspects of electric power from a technical perspective in synergy with nontechnical areas such as business, environmental, and social concerns.”

It’s exciting to think that the board’s mission and vision for the magazine still ring true today. And we’d like to thank the many members of the magazine’s editorial board for their years of service to this wonderful resource that represents the society as a whole and even the larger IEEE organization.

Today, we’d like to personally assure every member of the magazine’s editorial board and the PES membership that the work accomplished over the past 13+ years will continue in a positive and productive way; we’re taking that baton and sprinting ahead.

Our first initiative is to offer a Spanish-translated version of the award winning Power & Energy Magazine. This is a first for the publication and its staff. We’re excited to lead this project because it reflects our industry’s changing priorities and readership. This is a global effort and we want our society’s namesake magazine to best represent its members, from every corner of the world. We also believe that the translated version of the magazine will improve the way we share information with our Spanish-speaking audience—allowing our readership to grow and creating a valuable regional content resource.

Please join us today as we continue to be the leading provider of scientific and engineering information on electric power and energy for the betterment of society, and the preferred professional development source for our members. It’s through the combined hard work of our member volunteers and staff that allows us to offer such a reliable and contentrich resource.

Thank you for your continued support of IEEE PES and its many member-driven initiatives. Already, 2016 has been a banner year for our society and we aim to keep its momentum moving strong through the coming years.

To offer tribute to the Power & Energy Magazine’s history, we’ll let the editorial board—a line from that first edition in 2003—have the last words in this letter to the PES membership:

“Power and energy are certainly what PES is about, and the magazine title very much reflects our raison d’être.”


By Damir Novosel, IEEE PES President; Juan Carlos, IEEE PES VP of Membership; Nelson Segoshi, IEEE PES Regional Representative Latin America; Jovica Milanovic, IEEE PES Regional Representative Europe, Middle East & Africa