Transaction Paper Abstracts - November 2014 Smart Grid

Listed below are the papers and letters that have been published in the November 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is 31 December 2014.


Zou, K.; Agalgaonkar, A.P.; Muttaqi, K.M.; Perera, S., "An Analytical Approach for Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Systems Containing Dispatchable and Nondispatchable Renewable DG Units”
Hua, L.; Wang, J.; Zhou, C., "Adaptive Electric Vehicle Charging Coordination on Distribution Network”
Matic-Cuka, B.; Kezunovic, M., "Islanding Detection for Inverter-Based Distributed Generation Using Support Vector Machine Method”
Wei, J.; Kundur, D.; Zourntos, T.; Butler-Purry, K.L., "A Flocking-Based Paradigm for Hierarchical Cyber-Physical Smart Grid Modeling and Control”
Borges, F.; Muhlhauser, M., "EPPP4SMS: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Smart Metering Systems and Its Simulation Using Real-World Data”
Lana, A.; Mattsson, A.; Nuutinen, P.; Peltoniemi, P.; Kaipia, T.; Kosonen, A.; Aarniovuori, L.; Partanen, J., "On Low-Voltage DC Network Customer-End Inverter Energy Efficiency”
Wang, Z.; Chen, H.; Wang, J.; Begovic, M., "Inverter-Less Hybrid Voltage/Var Control for Distribution Circuits With Photovoltaic Generators”
Alyami, S.; Wang, Y.; Wang, C.; Zhao, J.; Zhao, B., "Adaptive Real Power Capping Method for Fair Overvoltage Regulation of Distribution Networks With High Penetration of PV Systems”
Liu, W.; Wu, Q.; Wen, F.; Ostergaard, J., "Day-Ahead Congestion Management in Distribution Systems Through Household Demand Response and Distribution Congestion Prices”
Lee, J.R.; Boys, J.T.; Covic, G.A., "Improved Grid Dynamics Using a Localized Demand Control System”
Tumuluru, V.K.; Huang, Z.; Tsang, D.H.K., "Integrating Price Responsive Demand Into the Unit Commitment Problem”
Torquato, R.; Shi, Q.; Xu, W.; Freitas, W., "A Monte Carlo Simulation Platform for Studying Low Voltage Residential Networks”
Paris, J.; Donnal, J.S.; Cox, R.; Leeb, S., "Hunting Cyclic Energy Wasters”
Yang, Z.; Sun, L.; Ke, M.; Shi, Z.; Chen, J., "Optimal Charging Strategy for Plug-In Electric Taxi With Time-Varying Profits”
Vedady Moghadam, M.R.; Ma, R.T.B.; Zhang, R., "Distributed Frequency Control in Smart Grids via Randomized Demand Response”
Tang, W.; Bi, S.; Zhang, Y.J.A., "Online Coordinated Charging Decision Algorithm for Electric Vehicles Without Future Information”
Dragicevic, T.; Sucic, S.; Vasquez, J.C.; Guerrero, J.M., "Flywheel-Based Distributed Bus Signalling Strategy for the Public Fast Charging Station”
Rahbari-Asr, N.; Ojha, U.; Zhang, Z.; Chow, M., "Incremental Welfare Consensus Algorithm for Cooperative Distributed Generation/Demand Response in Smart Grid”
Lam, A.Y.S.; Leung, Y.; Chu, X., "Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement: Formulation, Complexity, and Solutions”
Weckx, S.; D'hulst, R.; Claessens, B.; Driesensam, J., "Multiagent Charging of Electric Vehicles Respecting Distribution Transformer Loading and Voltage Limits”
Jiang, T.; Cao, Y.; Yu, L.; Wang, Z., "Load Shaping Strategy Based on Energy Storage and Dynamic Pricing in Smart Grid”
Kiani Bejestani, A.; Annaswamy, A., "A Dynamic Mechanism for Wholesale Energy Market: Stability and Robustness”
Hakimi, S.M.; Moghaddas-Tafreshi, S.M., "Optimal Planning of a Smart Microgrid Including Demand Response and Intermittent Renewable Energy Resources”
Yazdanian, M.; Mehrizi-Sani, A., "Distributed Control Techniques in Microgrids”
Petersen, M.K.; Hansen, L.H.; Bendtsen, J.; Edlund, K.; Stoustrup, J., "Heuristic Optimization for the Discrete Virtual Power Plant Dispatch Problem”
Fakhrazari, A.; Vakilzadian, H.; Choobineh, F.F., "Optimal Energy Scheduling for a Smart Entity”
Xiang, Y.; Ribeiro, P.F.; Cobben, J.F.G., "Optimization of State-Estimator-Based Operation Framework Including Measurement Placement for Medium Voltage Distribution Grid”
Louie, R.H.Y.; Hardjawana, W.; Li, Y.; Vucetic, B., "Distributed Multiple-Access for Smart Grid Home Area Networks: Compressed Sensing With Multiple Antennas”
Jiang, H.; Zhang, J.J.; Gao, W.; Wu, Z., "Fault Detection, Identification, and Location in Smart Grid Based on Data-Driven Computational Methods”
Cheng, L.; Chen, G.; Gao, W.; Zhang, F.; Li, G., "Adaptive Time Delay Compensator (ATDC) Design for Wide-Area Power System Stabilizer”
McBee, K.D.; Simoes, M.G., "General Smart Meter Guidelines to Accurately Assess the Aging of Distribution Transformers”
Guo, X.; Lu, Z.; Wang, B.; Sun, X.; Wang, L.; Guerrero, J.M., "Dynamic Phasors-Based Modeling and Stability Analysis of Droop-Controlled Inverters for Microgrid Applications”


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