Transaction Paper Abstracts - June 2014 (IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery)

Listed below are the papers that have been published in the June 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is August 31st, 2014.


Ling, W.; Liu, D.; Lu, Y.; Du, P.; Pan, F., "IEC 61850 Model Expansion Toward Distributed Fault Localization, Isolation, and Supply Restoration”
Ribic, J.; Vorsic, J.; Pihler, J., "Mathematical Model of a Gas Discharge Arrester Based on Physical Parameters”
Surendra Babu, N.N.V.; Fernandes, B.G., "Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High-Power Applications”
Xu, Y.; Li, F., "Adaptive PI Control of STATCOM for Voltage Regulation”
Turker, H.; Bacha, S.; Hably, A., "Rule-Based Charging of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs): Impacts on the Aging Rate of Low-Voltage Transformers”
Wetula, A.; Bien, A., "New Measures of Power-Grid Voltage Variation”
Jensen, C.F.; Gudmundsdottir, U.S.; Bak, C.L.; Abur, A., "Field Test and Theoretical Analysis of Electromagnetic Pulse Propagation Velocity on Crossbonded Cable Systems”
Lauria, S.; Palone, F., "Optimal Operation of Long Inhomogeneous AC Cable Lines: The Malta–Sicily Interconnector”
Zhou, Z.; Dinavahi, V., "Parallel Massive-Thread Electromagnetic Transient Simulation on GPU”
Wang, J.; Wang, Y.; Peng, X.; Li, X.; Xu, "Induced Voltage of Overhead Ground Wires in 50 0-kV Single-Circuit Transmission Lines”
Zhang, P.; Xue, H.; Yang, R.; Zhang, J., "Shifting Window Average Method for Phasor Measurement at Offnominal Frequencies”
Dirik, H.; Gezegin, C.; Ozdemir, M., "A Novel Parameter Identification Method for Single-Phase Transformers by Using Real-Time Data”
Kazemi, S.; Millar, R.J.; Lehtonen, M., "Criticality Analysis of Failure to Communicate in Automated Fault-Management Schemes”
Yang, Y.; McLaughlin, K.; Sezer, S.; Littler, T.; Im, E.G.; Pranggono, B.; Wang, H.F., "Multiattribute SCADA-Specific Intrusion Detection System for Power Networks”
Xu, X.; Guo, J.; Leung, H., "Blind Equalization for Power-Line Communications Using Chaos”
Anwar, A.; Zhang, Y.; Brice, C.W.; Dougal, R.A., "Soft Reclosing of an Industrial Power Network Using an Inverter-Controlled Energy-Storage System”
Ghunem, R.A.; El-Shatshat, R.; Ozgonenel, O., "A Novel Selection Algorithm of a Wavelet-Based Transformer Differential Current Features”
Gonzales Arispe, J.C.; Mombello, E.E., "Detection of Failures Within Transformers by FRA Using Multiresolution Decomposition”
Reza, M.S.; Ciobotaru, M.; Agelidis, V.G., "Accurate Estimation of Single-Phase Grid Voltage Parameters Under Distorted Conditions”
Kundu, S.; Hiskens, I.A., "Overvoltages due to Synchronous Tripping of Plug-in Electric-Vehicle Chargers Following Voltage Dips”
El Moursi, M.S.; Zeineldin, H.H.; Kirtley, J.L.; Alobeidli, K., "A Dynamic Master/Slave Reactive Power-Management Scheme for Smart Grids With Distributed Generation”
Langlois, S.; Legeron, F., "Prediction of Aeolian Vibration on Transmission-Line Conductors Using a Nonlinear Time History Model—Part I: Damper Model”
Langlois, S.; Legeron, F., "Prediction of Aeolian Vibration on Transmission-Line Conductors Using a Nonlinear Time History Model—Part II: Conductor and Damper Model”
Ren, X.; Ding, W.; Zhou, W.; Fan, C.; Wu, J.; Liu, Y.; Yan, M.; Zhang, G., "The Moisture in SF Insulated CTs Considering Current and Change of Ambient Temperature”
Jafari, R.; Moaddabi, N.; Eskandari-Nasab, M.; Gharehpetian, G.B.; Naderi, M.S., "A Novel Power Swing Detection Scheme Independent of the Rate of Change of Power System Parameters”
Dantas, K.M.C.; Neves, W.L.A.; Fernandes, D., "An Approach for Controlled Reclosing of Shunt-Compensated Transmission Lines”
Pezeshki, H.; Wolfs, P.J.; Ledwich, G., "Impact of High PV Penetration on Distribution Transformer Insulation Life”
Mahmud, M.A.; Hossain, M.J.; Pota, H.R.; Roy, N.K., "Robust Nonlinear Controller Design for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Under Structured Uncertainties”
Guo, D.; Clark, D.; Lathi, D.; Harid, N.; Griffiths, H.; Ainsley, A.; Haddad, A., "Controlled Large-Scale Tests of Practical Grounding Electrodes—Part I: Test Facility and Measurement of Site Parameters”
Clark, D.; Guo, D.; Lathi, D.; Harid, N.; Griffiths, H.; Ainsley, A.; Haddad, A., "Controlled Large-Scale Tests of Practical Grounding Electrodes—Part II: Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Predictions With Experimental Results”
Elserougi, A.A.; Massoud, A.M.; Abdel-Khalik, A.S.; Ahmed, S., "Bidirectional Buck-Boost Inverter-Based HVDC Transmission System With AC-Side Contribution Blocking Capability During DC-Side Faults”
Wang, H.; Tang, G.; He, Z.; Yang, J., "Efficient Grounding for Modular Multilevel HVDC Converters (MMC) on the AC Side”
Diana, G.; Belloli, M.; Giappino, S.; Manenti, A.; Mazzola, L.; Muggiasca, S.; Zuin, A., "Wind Tunnel Tests on Two Cylinders to Measure Subspan Oscillation Aerodynamic Forces”
Sorrentino, E., "Nontraditional Relay Curves for the Coordination of the Ground Overcurrent Function With Downstream Fuses”
Iwata, M.; Tanaka, S.-I.; Miyagi, T.; Amakawa, T.; Pietsch, G.J., "Influence of Perforated Metal Plate on Pressure Rise and Energy Flow due to Internal Arcing in a Container With a Pressure-Relief Opening”
Lee, J.-H.; Kim, Y.-H., "Diversity Relaying for Parallel Use of Power-Line and Wireless Communication Networks”
Diana, G.; Belloli, M.; Giappino, S.; Manenti, A.; Mazzola, L.; Muggiasca, S.; Zuin, A., "A Numerical Approach to Reproduce Subspan Oscillations and Comparison With Experimental Data”
Zhang, H.; Xu, L., "Diagnostic System for Current-Carrying Fault: Modeling, Precaution, and Prediction”
Jiang, Z.; Miao, S.; Liu, P., "A Modified Empirical Mode Decomposition Filtering-Based Adaptive Phasor Estimation Algorithm for Removal of Exponentially Decaying DC Offset”
Juwono, F.H.; Guo, Q.; Huang, D.; Wong, K.P., "Deep Clipping for Impulsive Noise Mitigation in OFDM-Based Power-Line Communications”
Kavousi-Fard, A.; Niknam, T., "Optimal Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration for Reliability Improvement Considering Uncertainty”
Zhang, Z.; Xu, Z.; Xue, Y., "Valve Losses Evaluation Based on Piecewise Analytical Method for MMC–HVDC Links”
Molina, J.; Sainz, L., "Model of Electronic Ballast Compact Fluorescent Lamps”
Bokhari, A.; Alkan, A.; Dogan, R.; Diaz-Aguilo, M.; de Leon, F.; Czarkowski, D.; Zabar, Z.; Birenbaum, L.; Noel, A.; Uosef, R.E., "Experimental Determination of the ZIP Coefficients for Modern Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Loads”
Ingram, D.M.E.; Schaub, P.; Taylor, R.R.; Campbell, D.A., "System-Level Tests of Transformer Differential Protection Using an IEC 61850 Process Bus”
Dahal, O.P.; Brahma, S.M.; Cao, H., "Comprehensive Clustering of Disturbance Events Recorded by Phasor Measurement Units”
Kornatowski, E.; Banaszak, S., "Diagnostics of a Transformer's Active Part With Complementary FRA and VM Measurements”
Pasdar, A.M.; Cavdar, I.H.; Sozer, Y., "Power-Line Impedance Estimation at FCC Band Based on Intelligent Home Appliances Status Detection Algorithm Through Their Individual Energy and Impedance Signatures”
Dall'Anese, E.; Giannakis, G.B., "Sparsity-Leveraging Reconfiguration of Smart Distribution Systems”
Zhang, M.; Chen, J., "The Energy Management and Optimized Operation of Electric Vehicles Based on Microgrid”
Nursebo, S.; Chen, P.; Carlson, O.; Tjernberg, L.B., "Optimizing Wind Power Hosting Capacity of Distribution Systems Using Cost Benefit Analysis”
Holdyk, A.; Gustavsen, B.; Arana, I.; Holboell, J., "Wideband Modeling of Power Transformers Using Commercial sFRA Equipment”
Samadi, A.; Eriksson, R.; Soder, L.; Rawn, B.G.; Boemer, J.C., "Coordinated Active Power-Dependent Voltage Regulation in Distribution Grids With PV Systems”
Chakir, M.; Kamwa, I.; Le Huy, H., "Extended C37.118.1 PMU Algorithms for Joint Tracking of Fundamental and Harmonic Phasors in Stressed Power Systems and Microgrids”
Saad, H.; Dennetiere, S.; Mahseredjian, J.; Delarue, P.; Guillaud, X.; Peralta, J.; Nguefeu, S., "Modular Multilevel Converter Models for Electromagnetic Transients”
Ambati, B.B.; Khadkikar, V., "Optimal Sizing of UPQC Considering VA Loading and Maximum Utilization of Power-Electronic Converters”
Kumar, C.; Mishra, M.K., "A Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM for Power-Quality Improvement”
Hsu, Y.-J.; Lu, C.-N., "Statistical Analyses of and Recorded at Electric Arc Furnaces”
Chiesa, N.; Gustavsen, B., "Frequency-Dependent Modeling of Transformer Winding Impedance From Measurements”
Choi, J.; , Y.; Kim, H.; Kim, D.; Han, B., "High-Efficiency Grid-Tied Power Converter for Battery Energy Storage”
Todorovski, M., "Transformer Voltage Regulation—Compact Expression Dependent on Tap Position and Primary/Secondary Voltage”
Zhang, L.L.; Wu, Q.H.; Ji, T.Y.; Jiang, L., "Skewness-Based Differential Protection Scheme for EHV/UHV Transmission Lines”



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