Transaction Paper Abstracts - February 2014 Power Delivery

Listed below are the papers that have been published in the February 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is April 30th, 2014.

Regular Papers


Chongru Liu; Bose, A.; Pengfei Tian, "Modeling and Analysis of HVDC Converter by Three-Phase Dynamic Phasor”
Sallabi, F.M.; Gaouda, A.M.; El-Hag, A.H.; Salama, M.M.A., "Evaluation of ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks Under High Power Disturbances”
Mourente Miguel, P., "Comparison of Surge Arrester Models”
Lauria, D.; Mazzanti, G.; Quaia, S., "The Loadability of Overhead Transmission Lines—Part I: Analysis of Single Circuits”
Wensheng Gao; Dengwei Ding; Weidong Liu; Xinhong Huang, "Investigation of the Evaluation of the PD Severity and Verification of the Sensitivity of Partial-Discharge Detection Using the UHF Method in GIS”
Bouford, J.D.; Hurley, D.J., "A Recommended Standard for Voltages Appearing Across Publicly Accessible Surfaces”
Hwang, J.K., "Reduction of Noise in Measurements of Phasor Angles by Using Two Digital Filters”
El Moursi, M.S.; Goweily, K.; Kirtley, J.L.; Abdel-Rahman, M., "Application of Series Voltage Boosting Schemes for Enhanced Fault Ridethrough Performance of Fixed Speed Wind Turbines”






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