Transaction Paper Abstracts - August 2015 IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Listed below are the papers that have been published in the August 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is October 31st, 2015.


Zhou Liu; Zhe Chen; Haishun Sun; Yanting Hu, "Multiagent System-Based Wide-Area Protection and Control Scheme Against Cascading Events”
Young Kil Choi; Jae Kyoung Shin, "Arc Gas-Flow Simulation Algorithm Considering the Effects of Nozzle Ablation in a Self-Blast GCB”
Mengqi Cai; Bo Yan; Xin Lu; Linshu Zhou, "Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Coefficients of Iced-Quad Bundle Conductors”
Tahboub, A.M.; Pandi, V.R.; Zeineldin, H.H., "Distribution System Reconfiguration for Annual Energy Loss Reduction Considering Variable Distributed Generation Profiles”
Lin Guan; Xinming Fan; Liu, Y.; Wu, Q.H., "Dual-Mode Control of AC/VSC-HVDC Hybrid Transmission Systems With Wind Power Integrated”
Hakala, T.; Lahdeaho, T.; Jarventausta, P., "Low-Voltage DC Distribution—Utilization Potential in a Large Distribution Network Company”
Vakhnina, V.V.; Shapovalov, V.A.; Kuznetsov, V.N.; Kretov, D.A., "The Influence of Geomagnetic Storms on Thermal Processes in the Tank of a Power Transformer”
Dimitrovski, A.; Zhi Li; Ozpineci, B., "Magnetic Amplifier-Based Power-Flow Controller”
Haddadi, A.; Boulet, B.; Yazdani, A.; Joos, G., "A ?-based approach to small-signal stability analysis of an interconnected distributed energy resource unit and load”
de Leon, F.; Farazmand, A.; Jazebi, S.; Deswal, D.; Levi, R., "Elimination of Residual Flux in Transformers by the Application of an Alternating Polarity DC Voltage Source”
Kaixing Hong; Hai Huang; Jianping Zhou, "Winding Condition Assessment of Power Transformers Based on Vibration Correlation”
Eslamian, M.; Vahidi, B., "New Equivalent Circuit of Transformer Winding for the Calculation of Resonance Transients Considering Frequency-Dependent Losses”
Savic, M.S.; Savic, A.M., "Substation Lightning Performance Estimation Due to Strikes Into Connected Overhead Lines”
Majidi, M.; Arabali, A.; Etezadi-Amoli, M., "Fault Location in Distribution Networks by Compressive Sensing”
Hooshyar, A.; Azzouz, M.A.; El-Saadany, E.F., "Distance Protection of Lines Emanating From Full-Scale Converter-Interfaced Renewable Energy Power Plants—Part I: Problem Statement”
Hooshyar, A.; Azzouz, M.A.; El-Saadany, E.F., "Distance Protection of Lines Emanating From Full-Scale Converter-Interfaced Renewable Energy Power Plants—Part II: Solution Description and Evaluation”
Ahmed, N.; Angquist, L.; Mahmood, S.; Antonopoulos, A.; Harnefors, L.; Norrga, S.; Nee, H.-P., "Efficient Modeling of an MMC-Based Multiterminal DC System Employing Hybrid HVDC Breakers”
Keyuan Fu; Tao Zheng; Baohui Zhang; Zhiguo Hao; Li Bai, "Branch Effects on Channel Capacity for Broadband Power-Line Communications”
Albasri, F.A.; Alroomi, A.R.; Talaq, J.H., "Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays Using Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithms”
Bakshi, A., "An Investigation of Winding Curvature Effect on the Mechanical Strength of Transformer Windings”
Tianxi Xie; Zongren Peng; Zhicheng Zhou, "Study on Optimization of Anti-Corona Properties of 330-kV Dampers”
Xi Wang; Zhanqing Yu; Jinliang He; Rong Zeng, "Characteristics of Upward Leader Emerging From a Single-Phase Conductor With Different Voltage Class”
Karimzadeh, F.; Esmaeili, S.; Hosseinian, S.H., "A Novel Method for Noninvasive Estimation of Utility Harmonic Impedance Based on Complex Independent Component Analysis”
Rui Li; Adam, G.P.; Holliday, D.; Fletcher, J.E.; Williams, B.W., "Hybrid Cascaded Modular Multilevel Converter With DC Fault Ride-Through Capability for the HVDC Transmission System”
Laguna-Sanchez, G.; Lopez-Guerrero, M., "On the Use of Alpha-Stable Distributions in Noise Modeling for PLC”
Zhijin Zhang; Dongdong Zhang; Jinwei You; Jiayao Zhao; Xingliang Jiang; Jianlin Hu, "Study on the DC Flashover Performance of Various Types of Insulators With Fan-Shaped Nonuniform Pollution”
Mahmood, F.; Sabiha, N.A.; Lehtonen, M., "Probabilistic Risk Assessment of MV Insulator Flashover Under Combined AC and Lightning-Induced Overvoltages”
Jovcic, D.; Jamshidi Far, A., "Phasor Model of Modular Multilevel Converter With Circulating Current Suppression Control”
Chao-Rong Chen; Chi-Juin Chang, "Half-Interval Method Applied in Feeder Terminal Unit Overcurrent Detecting Curve Setting”
Zhiqiang Feng; Xishan Wen; Xuefang Tong; Hailiang Lu; Lei Lan; Pengxiang Xing, "Impulse Characteristics of Tower Grounding Devices Considering Soil Ionization by the Time-Domain Difference Method”
Shenglan Song; Guibin Zou, "A Novel Busbar Protection Method Based on Polarity Comparison of Superimposed Current”
Lazari, A.L.; Charalambous, C.A., "Probabilistic Total Ownership Cost of Power Transformers Serving Large-Scale Wind Plants in Liberalized Electricity Markets”
Jing Ma; Wei Ma; Yang Qiu; Thorp, J.S., "An Adaptive Distance Protection Scheme Based on the Voltage Drop Equation”
Jakob, F.; Dukarm, J.J., "Thermodynamic Estimation of Transformer Fault Severity”
Samarawickrama, K.; Jacob, N.D.; Gole, A.M.; Kordi, B., "Impulse Generator Optimum Setup for Transient Testing of Transformers Using Frequency-Response Analysis and Genetic Algorithm”
Diaz-Aguilo, M.; de Leon, F., "Introducing Mutual Heating Effects in the Ladder-Type Soil Model for the Dynamic Thermal Rating of Underground Cables”
Chenguo Yao; Zhongyong Zhao; Yan Mi; Chengxiang Li; Yifan Liao; Guochao Qian, "Improved Online Monitoring Method for Transformer Winding Deformations Based on the Lissajous Graphical Analysis of Voltage and Current”
Yuanyuan Wang; Jiaming Zhou; Zewen Li; Zhaoyang Dong; Yao Xu, "Discriminant-Analysis-Based Single-Phase Earth Fault Protection Using Improved PCA in Distribution Systems”
Rodriguez Alvarez, J.; Franck, C.M., "Radial Thermal Conductivity of all-Aluminum Alloy Conductors”
Xiaokang Xu; Bishop, M.; Edmonds, M.J.S.; Oikarinen, D.G., "A New Control Strategy for Distributed Static Compensators Considering Transmission Reactive Flow Constraints”
Kovan, B.; de Leon, F., "Mitigation of Geomagnetically Induced Currents by Neutral Switching”
Jingmei Guo; Gang Wang; Yuansheng Liang; Dehui Zeng, "Global-Sensitivity-Based Theoretical Analysis and Fast Prediction of Traveling Waves With Respect to Fault Resistance on HVDC Transmission Lines”
Rui Li; Fletcher, J.E.; Lie Xu; Holliday, D.; Williams, B.W., "A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter With Novel Three-Level Cells for DC Fault Blocking Capability”
Wu Chen; Xu Zhu; Liangzhong Yao; Xinbo Ruan; Zhibing Wang; Yuanzhi Cao, "An Interline DC Power-Flow Controller (IDCPFC) for Multiterminal HVDC System”
Wei-jiang Chen; Hao Wang; Bin Han; Lei Wang; Guo-ming Ma; Gong-chang Yue; Zhi-bing Li; Hao Hu, "Study on the Influence of Disconnector Characteristics on Very Fast Transient Overvoltages in 1100-kV Gas-Insulated Switchgear”
Hinge, T.P.; Dambhare, S.S., "Secure Phase Comparison Schemes for Transmission-Line Protection Using Synchrophasors”
Cardenas, R.; Diaz, M.; Rojas, F.; Clare, J., "Fast Convergence Delayed Signal Cancellation Method for Sequence Component Separation”
Bains, T.P.S.; Dadash Zadeh, M.R., "Enhanced Phasor Estimation Technique for Fault Location in Series-Compensated Lines”
Wang, Y.; Pan, J., "Applications of Operational Modal Analysis to a Single-Phase Distribution Transformer”




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