Transaction Paper Abstracts - August 2014 Power Delivery


Listed below are the papers that have been published in the August 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is 31, October 2014.



Polevoy, A., "Impact of Data Errors on Sag Calculation Accuracy for Overhead Transmission Line”
Atighechi, H.; Chiniforoosh, S.; Jatskevich, J.; Davoudi, A.; Martinez, J.A.; Faruque, M.O.; Sood, V.; Saeedifard, M.; Cano, J.M.; Mahseredjian, J.; Aliprantis, D.C.; Strunz, K., "Dynamic Average-Value Modeling of CIGRE HVDC Benchmark System”
Herman, L.; Papic, I.; Blazic, B., "A Proportional-Resonant Current Controller for Selective Harmonic Compensation in a Hybrid Active Power Filter”
Homaei, M.; Moosavian, S.M.; Illias, H.A., "Partial Discharge Localization in Power Transformers Using Neuro-Fuzzy Technique”
Dongyin Feng; Zhongdong Wang; Jarman, P., "Evaluation of Power Transformers' Effective Hot-Spot Factors by Thermal Modeling of Scrapped Units”
Soong, T.; Lehn, P.W., "Evaluation of Emerging Modular Multilevel Converters for BESS Applications”
Suriyah-Jaya, M.; Leibfried, T., "Accelerating Dielectric Response Measurements on Power Transformers—Part II: A Regression Approach”
Patel, U.R.; Gustavsen, B.; Triverio, P., "Proximity-Aware Calculation of Cable Series Impedance for Systems of Solid and Hollow Conductors”
Rabie, K.M.; Alsusa, E., "Effective Noise Cancellation Using Single-Carrier FDMA Transmission in Power-Line Channels”
Mossad, M.I.; Azab, M.; Abu-Siada, A., "Transformer Parameters Estimation From Nameplate Data Using Evolutionary Programming Techniques”
Babaei, S.; Fardanesh, B.; Bhattacharya, S., "High-Power VSC-Based Simultaneous Positive- and Negative-Sequence Voltage Regulator”
Darji, P.B.; Kulkarni, A.M., "Vector Definitions for Control of Single-Phase and Unbalanced Three-Phase Systems”
Zheng, T.; Chen, P.L.; Qi, Z.; Terzija, V., "A Novel Algorithm to Avoid the Maloperation of UHV Voltage-Regulating Transformers”
Yifeng Song; Hongguang Wang; Jianwei Zhang, "A Vision-Based Broken Strand Detection Method for a Power-Line Maintenance Robot”
Zhang, L.L.; Li, M.S.; Ji, T.Y.; Wu, Q.H.; Jiang, L.; Zhan, J.P., "Morphology Singular Entropy-Based Phase Selector Using Short Data Window for Transmission Lines”
Zirka, S.E.; Moroz, Y.I.; Arturi, C.M., "Accounting for the Influence of the Tank Walls in the Zero-Sequence Topological Model of a Three-Phase, Three-Limb Transformer”
Lambert, M.; Martinez-Duro, M.; Mahseredjian, J.; de Leon, F.; Sirois, F., "Transformer Leakage Flux Models for Electromagnetic Transients: Critical Review and Validation of a New Model”
Sarafi, A.M.; Voulkidis, A.C.; Cottis, P.G., "Optimal TDMA Scheduling in Tree-Based Power-Line Communication Networks”
Tuczek, M.N.; Hinrichsen, V., "Recent Experimental Findings on the Single and Multi-Impulse Energy Handling Capability of Metal–Oxide Varistors for Use in High-Voltage Surge Arresters”
Abdulhadi, I.; Dysko, A.; Burt, G., "Reachability Analysis for the Verification of Adaptive Protection Setting Selection Logic”
Shaofeng Huang; Lan Luo; Kai Cao, "A Novel Method of Ground Fault Phase Selection in Weak-Infeed Side”
Jianfeng Liang; Liang Zhang; Junhao Li; Yanming Li, "Study on Oscillating Switching Impulse Voltage Generation for Power Transformer Onsite Test”
Gomez-Luna, E.; Aponte Mayor, G.; Pleite Guerra, J., "Application of Wavelet Transform to Obtain the Frequency Response of a Transformer From Transient Signals—Part II: Practical Assessment and Validation”
Fernandes, D.; Costa, F.; Vitorino, M., "A Method for Averting Saturation From Series Transformers of Dynamic Voltage Restorers”
Edlebeck, J.E.; Beske, B., "Identifying and Quantifying Material Properties That Impact Aggregate Resistivity of Electrical Substation Surface Material”
Garnacho, F.; Khamlichi, A.; Valladolid, A.; Simon, P.; Valcarcel, M., "$k$ -factor Test Voltage Function for Oscillating Lightning Impulses in Nonhomogenous Air Gaps”
Jothibasu, S.; Mishra, M.K., "A Control Scheme for Storageless DVR Based on Characterization of Voltage Sags”
Kong, F.; Hao, Z.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, B., "Development of a Novel Protection Device for Bipolar HVDC Transmission Lines”
Del Vecchio, R.M., "Directed Oil Flow Cooling of Disk Windings Using Graph Theory”
Zhou, J.Z.; Hui Ding; Shengtao Fan; Yi Zhang; Gole, A.M., "Impact of Short-Circuit Ratio and Phase-Locked-Loop Parameters on the Small-Signal Behavior of a VSC-HVDC Converter”
Zhang, Z.W.; Tang, W.H.; Ji, T.Y.; Wu, Q.H., "Finite-Element Modeling for Analysis of Radial Deformations Within Transformer Windings”
Sedaghat, A.; de Leon, F., "Thermal Analysis of Power Cables in Free Air: Evaluation and Improvement of the IEC Standard Ampacity Calculations”
Khan, U.N.; Sidhu, T.S., "A Phase-Shifting Transformer Protection Technique Based on Directional Comparison Approach”
Qingmin Li; Haoxi Cong; Qiuqin Sun; Jinyuan Xing; Quan Chen, "Characteristics of Secondary AC Arc Column Motion Near Power Transmission-Line Insulator String”
Burow, S.; Straumann, U.; Kohler, W.; Tenbohlen, S., "New Methods of Damping Very Fast Transient Overvoltages in Gas-Insulated Switchgear”
Sheshyekani, K.; Tabei, B., "Multiport Frequency-Dependent Network Equivalent Using a Modified Matrix Pencil Method”
Alam, M.R.; Muttaqi, K.M.; Bouzerdoum, A., "A Multifeature-Based Approach for Islanding Detection of DG in the Subcritical Region of Vector Surge Relays”
Weixing Lin; Jovcic, D., "LCL and L-VSC Converters With DC Fault Current-Limiting Property and Minimal Power Losses”
Martin, D.; Lelekakis, N.; Wijaya, J.; Duval, M.; Saha, T., "Investigations Into the Stray Gassing of Oils in the Fault Diagnosis of Transformers”
Ito, H.; Kajino, H.; Yamagata, Y.; Kamei, K.; Idemaru, T.; Shinkai, H., "Study on Transient Recovery Voltages for Transformer-Limited Faults”
Nuricumbo-Guillén, R.; Gómez, P.; Espino-Cortes, F.P.; Uribe, F.A., "Accurate Computation of Transient Profiles Along Multiconductor Transmission Systems by Means of the Numerical Laplace Transform”
Xi Wang; Zhanqing Yu; Jinliang He, "Breakdown Process Experiments of 110- to 500-kV Insulator Strings Under Short Tail Lightning Impulse”
Taklaja, P.; Hyvonen, P.; Kluss, J.V.; Niitsoo, J.; Palu, I., "Preventing Bird Streamer Outages Using Alternative Tower Configurations”
Guo-Ming Ma; Cheng-Rong Li; Wei-Jiang Chen; Min Chen; Ze-Lai Sun; Wei-Dong Ding; Zhi-Bing Li, "Very Fast Transient Overvoltage Measurement With Dielectric Window”


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