Transaction Paper Abstracts - May 2014 (IEEE Smart Grid)

Listed below are the papers and letters that have been published in the May 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is July 31st, 2014.



Micallef, A.; Apap, M.; Spiteri-Staines, C.; Guerrero, J.M.; Vasquez, J.C., "Reactive Power Sharing and Voltage Harmonic Distortion Compensation of Droop Controlled Single Phase Islanded Microgrids”
Li Yang; Crossley, P.A.; An Wen; Chatfield, R.; Wright, J., "Design and Performance Testing of a Multivendor IEC61850–9-2 Process Bus Based Protection Scheme”
Kulkarni, S.; Santoso, S.; Short, T.A., "Incipient Fault Location Algorithm for Underground Cables”
Ting Liu; Yang Liu; Yashan Mao; Yao Sun; Xiaohong Guan; Weibo Gong; Sheng Xiao, "A Dynamic Secret-Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication”
Shan Liu; Bo Chen; Zourntos, T.; Kundur, D.; Butler-Purry, K., "A Coordinated Multi-Switch Attack for Cascading Failures in Smart Grid”
Sharma, I.; Canizares, C.; Bhattacharya, K., "Smart Charging of PEVs Penetrating Into Residential Distribution Systems”
Baki, A.K.M., "Continuous Monitoring of Smart Grid Devices Through Multi Protocol Label Switching”
Suzhi Bi; Ying Jun Zhang, "Graphical Methods for Defense Against False-Data Injection Attacks on Power System State Estimation”
Marvasti, A.K.; Yong Fu; DorMohammadi, S.; Rais-Rohani, M., "Optimal Operation of Active Distribution Grids: A System of Systems Framework”
Leterme, W.; Ruelens, F.; Claessens, B.; Belmans, R., "A Flexible Stochastic Optimization Method for Wind Power Balancing With PHEVs”



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