Transaction Paper Abstracts - February 2015 IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Listed below are the papers that have been published in the February 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is 30, April, 2015.


Rather, Z.H.; Zhe Chen; Thogersen, P.; Lund, P.; Kirby, B., "Realistic Approach for Phasor Measurement Unit Placement: Consideration of Practical Hidden Costs”
Gavriluta, C.; Candela, J.I.; Rocabert, J.; Luna, A.; Rodriguez, P., "Adaptive Droop for Control of Multiterminal DC Bus Integrating Energy Storage”
Ahmadi, H.; Marti, J.R., "Distribution System Optimization Based on a Linear Power-Flow Formulation”
Filipovic-Grcic, D.; Filipovic-Grcic, B.; Uglesic, I., "High-Frequency Model of the Power Transformer Based on Frequency-Response Measurements”
Qi Li; Rowland, S.M.; Shuttleworth, R., "Calculating the Surface Potential Gradient of Overhead Line Conductors”
Czarnecki, L.S.; Haley, P.M., "Unbalanced Power in Four-Wire Systems and Its Reactive Compensation”
Conti, S.; Rizzo, S.A., "Monte Carlo Simulation by Using a Systematic Approach to Assess Distribution System Reliability Considering Intentional Islanding”
Bucher, M.K.; Franck, C.M., "Analytic Approximation of Fault Current Contributions From Capacitive Components in HVDC Cable Networks”
Girgis, R.; Bernesjo, M., "Contributions to Differences Between On-Site and Factory-Measured Noise Levels of Power Transformers”
Nayak, P.K.; Pradhan, A.K.; Bajpai, P., "Secured Zone 3 Protection During Stressed Condition”
Herath, S.P.; Tran, N.H.; Tho Le-Ngoc, "Optimal Signaling Scheme and Capacity Limit of PLC Under Bernoulli-Gaussian Impulsive Noise”
Zhizhao Li; Rong Zeng; Chijie Zhuang; Han Yin, "Study on the Influence of Space Charge on the Upward Leader Emerging From the Conductors of UHVDC Transmission Lines”
Xiaofu Xiong; Shijie Weng; Jian Wang, "An Online Early-Warning Method for Wind Swing Discharge of the Conductor Toward the Tangent Tower and Jumper Toward the Strain Tower”
Elzagzoug, H.Y.; Spencer, J.W.; Deakin, A.G., "DC Current Limitation Principle Using a Helical Arc Arrangement”
Wei Zhan; Goulart, A.E.; Falahi, M.; Rondla, P., "Development of a Low-Cost Self-Diagnostic Module for Oil-Immerse Forced-Air Cooling Transformers”
Papilaya, V.N.; Han Vinck, A.J., "Improving Performance of the MH-Iterative IN Mitigation Scheme in PLC Systems”
Mayordomo, J.G.; Beites, L.F.; Carbonero, A.; Yang, X.; Xu, W., "An Analytical Procedure for Calculating Harmonics of Three-Phase Uncontrolled Rectifiers Under Nonideal Conditions”
Bing Xia; Yang Wang; Vazquez, E.; Wilsun Xu; Wong, D.; Tong, M., "Estimation of Fault Resistance Using Fault Record Data”
Jonsson, E.; Runde, M., "Interruption in Air for Different Medium-Voltage Switching Duties”
Sai, T.K.; Reddy, K.A., "New Rules Generation From Measurement Data Using an Expert System in a Power Station”
Noda, T., "Application of Frequency-Partitioning Fitting to the Phase-Domain Frequency-Dependent Modeling of Overhead Transmission Lines”
Chin-Tien Liang; Kun-Long Chen; Yuan-Pin Tsai; Nanming Chen, "New Electronic Current Transformer With a Self-Contained Power Supply”
Jazebi, S.; de Leon, F., "Experimentally Validated Reversible Single-Phase Multiwinding Transformer Model for the Accurate Calculation of Low-Frequency Transients”
Humayun, M.; Degefa, M.Z.; Safdarian, A.; Lehtonen, M., "Utilization Improvement of Transformers Using Demand Response”
Mokhtari, M.; Abdul-Malek, Z.; Salam, Z., "An Improved Circuit-Based Model of a Grounding Electrode by Considering the Current Rate of Rise and Soil Ionization Factors”
Feng Yu; Weixing Lin; Xitian Wang; Da Xie, "Fast Voltage-Balancing Control and Fast Numerical Simulation Model for the Modular Multilevel Converter”
Sheshyekani, K.; Paknahad, J., "The Effect of an Ocean-Land Mixed Propagation Path on the Lightning Electromagnetic Fields and Their Induced Voltages on Overhead Lines”
Visacro, S.; Silveira, F.H., "Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines: Methodology to Design Grounding Electrodes to Ensure an Expected Outage Rate”
Ambia, M.N.; Hasanien, H.M.; Al-Durra, A.; Muyeen, S.M., "Harmony Search Algorithm-Based Controller Parameters Optimization for a Distributed-Generation System”
Moore, S.P.; Wangard, W.; Rapp, K.J.; Woods, D.L.; Del Vecchio, R.M., "Cold Start of a 240-MVA Generator Step-Up Transformer Filled With Natural Ester Fluid”
Azizi, S.; Sanaye-Pasand, M., "A Straightforward Method for Wide-Area Fault Location on Transmission Networks”
Bo Zhang; Sen Wang; Zhizhong Li; Rong Zeng; Jinliang He; Shaohua Li, "Decreasing Electric Field in Soil Near Grounding Device by Building an Underground Insulating Wall”
Weixing Lin; Jovcic, D., "Average Modelling of Medium Frequency DC–DC Converters in Dynamic Studies”
Sheshyekani, K.; Paknahad, J., "Lightning Electromagnetic Fields and Their Induced Voltages on Overhead Lines: The Effect of a Horizontally Stratified Ground”
Aanensen, N.S.; Jonsson, E.; Runde, M., "Air-Flow Investigation for a Medium-Voltage Load Break Switch”
Rezaei-Zare, A., "Enhanced Transformer Model for Low- and Mid-Frequency Transients—Part I: Model Development”
Rezaei-Zare, A., "Enhanced Transformer Model for Low- and Mid-Frequency Transients—Part II: Validation and Simulation Results”
Andreotti, A.; Pierno, A.; Rakov, V.A., "A New Tool for Calculation of Lightning-Induced Voltages in Power Systems—Part I: Development of Circuit Model”
Andreotti, A.; Pierno, A.; Rakov, V.A., "A New Tool for Calculation of Lightning-Induced Voltages in Power Systems—Part II: Validation Study”
Tokic, A.; Smajic, J., "Modeling and Simulations of Ferroresonance by Using BDF/NDF Numerical Methods”
Theocharis, A.; Popov, M.; Seibold, R.; Voss, S.; Eiselt, M., "Analysis of Switching Effects of Vacuum Circuit Breaker on Dry-Type Foil-Winding Transformers Validated by Experiments”
Ning Kang; Jiaxiong Chen; Yuan Liao, "A Fault-Location Algorithm for Series-Compensated Double-Circuit Transmission Lines Using the Distributed Parameter Line Model”
Rao, J.G.; Kumar Pradhan, A., "Power-Swing Detection Using Moving Window Averaging of Current Signals”
Janssen, A.L.J.; Dufournet, D.; Ito, H.; Shperling, B., "Investigations on Requirements for UHV/EHV AC Switchgear by CIGRE Study Committee A3”
Jiangchao Qin; Saeedifard, M.; Rockhill, A.; Rui Zhou, "Hybrid Design of Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC Systems Based on Various Submodule Circuits”
Martin, D.; Yi Cui; Ekanayake, C.; Hui Ma; Saha, T., "An Updated Model to Determine the Life Remaining of Transformer Insulation”
Radakovic, Z.; Radoman, U.; Kostic, P., "Decomposition of the Hot-Spot Factor”
Nagpal, M.; Martinich, T.G.; Bimbhra, A.; Sydor, D., "Damaging Open-Phase Overvoltage Disturbance on a Shunt-Compensated 500-kV Line Initiated by Unintended Trip”
Kalyuzhny, A., "Analysis of Temporary Overvoltages During Open-Phase Faults in Distribution Networks With Resonant Grounding”
Al Hosani, M.; Zhihua Qu; Zeineldin, H.H., "Development of Dynamic Estimators for Islanding Detection of Inverter-Based DG”
Huang, Z.Y.; Pilgrim, J.A.; Lewin, P.L.; Swingler, S.G.; Tzemis, G., "Thermal-Electric Rating Method for Mass-Impregnated Paper-Insulated HVDC Cable Circuits”
Thirumala, K.; Umarikar, A.C.; Jain, T., "Estimation of Single-Phase and Three-Phase Power-Quality Indices Using Empirical Wavelet Transform”
Shipman, C.M.; Hopkinson, K.M.; Lopez, J., "Con-Resistant Trust for Improved Reliability in a Smart-Grid Special Protection System”
Power Delivery, IEEE Transactions on , vol.30, no.1, pp.455,462, Feb. 2015
Ribic, J.; Pihler, J.; Kitak, P., "Impact of Electrode Shape on the Performance of a Gas Discharge Arrester”
Huijuan Hou; Gehao Sheng; Xiuchen Jiang, "Localization Algorithm for the PD Source in Substation Based on L-Shaped Antenna Array Signal Processing”
Ying Wang; Bollen, M.H.J.; Xian-Yong Xiao, "Calculation of the Phase-Angle-Jump for Voltage Dips in Three-Phase Systems”
Ale-Emran, S.M.; Farzaneh, M., "Experimental Design of Booster-Shed Parameters for Post Insulators under Heavy Icing Conditions”
Lima, S.L.; Saavedra, O.R.; Miranda, V., "A Two-Level Framework to Fault Diagnosis and Decision Making for Power Transformers”
Haitao Hu; Zhengyou He; Shibin Gao, "Passive Filter Design for China High-Speed Railway With Considering Harmonic Resonance and Characteristic Harmonics”





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