Transaction Paper Abstracts-April 2014 (IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery)

Listed below are the papers that have been published in the April 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery with links to their abstracts. The deadline for submitting discussions is June 30th, 2014.



He, L.; Chen-Ching Liu; Pitto, A.; Cirio, D., "Distance Protection of AC Grid With HVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Generators”
Lima dos Santos, M.; Jardini, J.A.; Casolari, R.P.; Vasquez-Arnez, R.L.; Saiki, G.Y.; Sousa, T.; Costa Nicola, G.L., "Power Transmission Over Long Distances: Economic Comparison Between HVDC and Half-Wavelength Line”
Pal, A.; Sanchez-Ayala, G.A.; Centeno, V.A.; Thorp, J.S., "A PMU Placement Scheme Ensuring Real-Time Monitoring of Critical Buses of the Network”
Lauria, D.; Mazzanti, G.; Quaia, S., "The Loadability of Overhead Transmission Lines—Part II: Analysis of Double-Circuits and Overall Comparison”
Ghanbari, t.; Farjah, E., "A Multiagent-Based Fault-Current Limiting Scheme for the Microgrids”
Dao Van Tu; Chaitusaney, S.; Yokoyama, A., "Maximum-Allowable Distributed Generation Considering Fault Ride-Through Requirement And Reach Reduction of Utility Relay”
Yazdanpanahi, H.; Wilsun Xu; Yun Wei Li, "A Novel Fault Current Control Scheme to Reduce Synchronous DG's Impact on Protection Coordination”
Zirka, S.E.; Moroz, Y.I.; Harrison, R.G.; Chiesa, N., "Inverse Hysteresis Models for Transient Simulation”
Haddadi, A.; Yazdani, A.; Joos, G.; Boulet, B., "A Gain-Scheduled Decoupling Control Strategy for Enhanced Transient Performance and Stability of an Islanded Active Distribution Network”
Keshtkar, H.; Khushalani Solanki, S.; Solanki, J.M., "Improving the Accuracy of Impedance Calculation for Distribution Power System”
Walter, M.; Franck, C., "Improved Method for Direct Black-Box Arc Parameter Determination and Model Validation”
Haakana, J.; Kaipia, T.; Lassila, J.; Partanen, J., "Reserve Power Arrangements in Rural Area Underground Cable Networks”
Dae-Kyoo Kim; Byunghun Lee; Sangsig Kim; Hyosik Yang; Hyuksoo Jang; Daeseung Hong; Falk, H., "QVT-Based Model Transformation to Support Unification of IEC 61850 and IEC 61970”
Langlois, S.; Legeron, F.; Levesque, F., "Time History Modeling of Vibrations on Overhead Conductors With Variable Bending Stiffness”
Yun-Peng Liu; Lei Zhu; Fang-cheng Lu; Zong-jun Huang, "Corona Onset Characteristics of the 750-kV Bundle Conductor in Sand and Dust Weather in High-Altitude Area”
Garcez, T.V.; de Almeida, A.T., "Multidimensional Risk Assessment of Manhole Events as a Decision Tool for Ranking the Vaults of an Underground Electricity Distribution System”
Chenine, M.; Ullberg, J.; Nordstrom, L.; Wu, Y.; Ericsson, G.N., "A Framework for Wide-Area Monitoring and Control Systems Interoperability and Cybersecurity Analysis”
Hamzehbahmani, H.; Anderson, P.; Hall, J.; Fox, D., "Eddy Current Loss Estimation of Edge Burr-Affected Magnetic Laminations Based on Equivalent Electrical Network—Part I: Fundamental Concepts and FEM Modeling”
Hamzehbahmani, H.; Anderson, P.; Hall, J.; Fox, D., "Eddy Current Loss Estimation of Edge Burr-Affected Magnetic Laminations Based on Equivalent Electrical Network—Part II: Analytical Modeling and Experimental Results”
Kundu, P.; Pradhan, A.K., "Synchrophasor-Assisted Zone 3 Operation”
Shintai, T.; Miura, Y.; Ise, T., "Oscillation Damping of a Distributed Generator Using a Virtual Synchronous Generator”
Ishibe, S.; Mori, M.; Kozako, M.; Hikita, M., "A New Concept Varistor With Epoxy/Microvaristor Composite”
Sheshyekani, K.; Akbari, M., "Evaluation of Lightning-Induced Voltages on Multiconductor Overhead Lines Located Above A Lossy Dispersive Ground”
Maruvada, P.S., "Influence of Ambient Electric Field on the Corona Performance of HVdc Transmission Lines”
Hashemi, S.M.; Hagh, M.T.; Seyedi, H., "A Novel Backup Distance Protection Scheme for Series-Compensated Transmission Lines”
Zhizhao Li; Rong Zeng, "Comparison of the Characteristics of Upward Leader Emerging From the Ground Wire and Conductor”
Alipio, R.; Visacro, S., "Impulse Efficiency of Grounding Electrodes: Effect of Frequency-Dependent Soil Parameters”
Elsamahy, M.; Faried, S.O.; Sidhu, T., "Impact of Midpoint STATCOM on Generator Loss of Excitation Protection”
Safdarian, A.; Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M.; Lehtonen, M., "Impacts of Time-Varying Electricity Rates on Forward Contract Scheduling of DisCos”
Yuan-Liang Lo; Shih-Che Huang; Chan-Nan Lu, "Transformational Benefits of AMI Data in Transformer Load Modeling and Management”
Todorovski, M.; Ackovski, R., "Equivalent Circuit of Single-Core Cable Lines Suitable for Grounding Systems Analysis Under Line-to-Ground Faults”
Jovcic, D.; Weixing Lin, "Multiport High-Power LCL DC Hub for Use in DC Transmission Grids”
Tylman, W.; Wenerski, M.; Anders, G.J., "Leak Detection in Slow Oscillation High-Pressure Fluid-Filled Circuits”
Dashti, H.; Sanaye-Pasand, M., "Power Transformer Protection Using a Multiregion Adaptive Differential Relay”
Degefa, M.Z.; Millar, R.J.; Lehtonen, M.; Hyvonen, P., "Dynamic Thermal Modeling of MV/LV Prefabricated Substations”
Hu Wen; Zhao Chun; Sun Yunlian; Zhou Jun, "Evaluation of Whole Span Lightning Shielding Flashover Risk Based on 3-D Laser Scanning Technology”
Marti, L.; Rezaei-Zare, A.; Boteler, D., "Calculation of Induced Electric Field During a Geomagnetic Storm Using Recursive Convolution”
Janssen, A.; Makareinis, D.; Solver, C.-E., "International Surveys on Circuit-Breaker Reliability Data for Substation and System Studies”
Chang, G.W.; Min-Fu Shih; Yi-Ying Chen; Yi-Jie Liang, "A Hybrid Wavelet Transform and Neural-Network-Based Approach for Modelling Dynamic Voltage-Current Characteristics of Electric Arc Furnace”
Bin Li; Fengrui Guo; Xuebin Li; Zhiqin Bo, "Circulating Unbalanced Currents of EHV/UHV Untransposed Double-Circuit Lines and Their Influence on Pilot Protection”
Xu, Z.Y.; Su, Z.P.; Zhang, J.H.; wen, a.; Yang, Q.X., "An Interphase Distance Relaying Algorithm for Series-Compensated Transmission Lines”
Xiaosheng Liu; Jiwei Pang; Liang Zhang; Dianguo Xu, "A High-Reliability and Determinacy Architecture for Smart Substation Process-Level Network Based on Cobweb Topology”
Zheng-you He; Kai Liao; Xiao-peng Li; Sheng Lin; Jian-wei Yang; Rui-kun Mai, "Natural Frequency-Based Line Fault Location in HVDC Lines”
Rogers, D.J.; Green, T.C.; Silversides, R.W., "A Low-Wear Onload Tap Changer Diverter Switch for Frequent Voltage Control on Distribution Networks”
Jonsson, E.; Aanensen, N.S.; Runde, M., "Current Interruption in Air for a Medium-Voltage Load Break Switch”
Rubeena, R.; Zadeh, M.R.D.; Bains, T.P.S., "An Accurate Offline Phasor Estimation for Fault Location in Series-Compensated Lines”
Qilin Zhang; Liang Zhang; Xiao Tang; Jinge Gao, "An Approximate Formula for Estimating the Peak Value of Lightning-Induced Overvoltage Considering the Stratified Conducting Ground”
Kuan Zheng; Boteler, D.; Pirjola, R.J.; Lian-guang Liu; Becker, R.; Marti, L.; Boutilier, S.; Guillon, S., "Effects of System Characteristics on Geomagnetically Induced Currents”
El Dein, A.Z., "Calculation of the Electric Field Around the Tower of the Overhead Transmission Lines”
Kocar, I.; Mahseredjian, J.; Karaagac, U.; Soykan, G.; Saad, O., "Multiphase Load-Flow Solution for Large-Scale Distribution Systems Using MANA”
Rezaei-Zare, A., "Behavior of Single-Phase Transformers Under Geomagnetically Induced Current Conditions”
Wood, T.B.; Macpherson, D.E.; Banham-Hall, D.; Finney, S.J., "Ripple Current Propagation in Bipole HVDC Cables and Applications to DC Grids”
Milanovic, J.V.; Meyer, J.; Ball, R.F.; Howe, W.; Preece, R.; Bollen, M.H.J.; Elphick, S.; Cukalevski, N., "International Industry Practice on Power-Quality Monitoring”
Dutta, P.; Esmaeilian, A.; Kezunovic, M., "Transmission-Line Fault Analysis Using Synchronized Sampling”
Zeyang Tang; Chengke Zhou; Wei Jiang; Wenjun Zhou; Xiaoping Jing; Jianhui Yu; Alkali, B.; Bojie Sheng, "Analysis of Significant Factors on Cable Failure Using the Cox Proportional Hazard Model," 
Chen Jiang; Torquato, R.; Salles, D.; Wilsun Xu, "Method to Assess the Power-Quality Impact of Plug-in Electric Vehicles”
Rahmati, A.; Adhami, R., "An Accurate Filtering Technique to Mitigate Transient Decaying DC Offset”
Haitao Hu; Zhengyou He; Yangfan Zhang; Shibin Gao, "Modal Frequency Sensitivity Analysis and Application Using Complex Nodal Matrix”
Wei Zhang; Zhe Hou; Hong-Jie Li; Chongxin Liu; Nan Ma, "An Improved Technique for Online PD Detection on Covered Conductor Lines”


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