The Phases of The Magazine’s Spanish Translation

Mariesa Crow and Nelson Segoshi

The Spanish translation of the Power & Energy Magazine is a moment in our society’s history that is truly significant. This is an approach that will take time and some considerable effort to be sure we publish the best possible magazine IEEE PES can offer.

So you, the reader, understand what’s involved … the translation of the magazine and its overall structure will occur in two phases.

Phase 1

Beyond just translating the Power & Energy Magazine into Spanish, we plan to leave the existing and current English ads in place and then line-up filler ads to satisfy some gaps (both in English and Spanish). This initiative will require its own distinct editorial board or at a minimum we’ll need to appoint an editor-in-chief. Of course, all content will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure an editing process that works flawlessly.

Distribution efforts will need to become streamlined, considering both English- and Spanish-language versions will be made available. We will continue to distribute via Q-Mags, but we will also include Spanish-speaking regions such as Latin America and other regions.

We aim to print 500 copies each of the September/October and November/ December Spanish editions. In addition to distributing copies to the sales team, we’ll use the print version for promotional events and conferences. Our plan is to also provide the Spanish version to IEEE Xplore, once the magazine receives a new ISBN and product number (so it can be added to the 2018 catalog and purchased by non-IEEE PES members).

Phase 2

Once we’ve completed phase 1 of the Power & Energy Magazine Spanish edition, and the editorial board in place, they’ll be charged with working to add local content to the translated version and expand its editorial influence.

Next, we plan to search for an advertising sales agency specific to this edition or hire one that handles international accounts. Once we hire an agency, we’ll begin actively selling ads in the Spanish-speaking markets and attract companies and organizations to advertise in this edition of the magazine

Both phases of the Spanish edition’s rollout require not only work from the PE S staff but also volunteers. If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, please contact for more information.


By Mariesa Crow, IEEE PES VP of Publications; Nelson Segoshi, IEEE PES Regional Representative, Latin America