Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

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Power systems around the globe are experiencing a transition towards increasing penetrations of distributed energy resources (DERs). As the penetration of DER continues to grow, it is imperative to understand and study the impacts of a high penetration of DERs over the power grid, and to evaluate their reliability and economic implications. To this end, the fundamental knowledge of DERs has become increasingly important to researchers and practitioners.

To help our members keep up with the latest and best thinking in DERs, IEEE Power & Energy Society has created a number of resources on this subject. This email is intended to highlight a few of those resources, as well as upcoming events and content focused on this subject:

PES Resources and Content

Available PES GM 2020 Panel Sessions

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Optimal Energy Dispatch of Distributed PVs for the Next Generation of Distribution Management Systems

dec 2020 8 PES Whitepaper: Jul 2020
Author: Fei Ding, Yingchen Zhang, Jeffery Simpson, Andrey Bernstein, and Subramanian Vadari

In this paper, A convex optimization model is proposed with the use of linearized power flow, and the gradient projection algorithm is used to solve the optimal active power and reactive power outputs of smart inverters.

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December 2020 IEEE Electrification Magazine - Microgrid Evolution Solutions

dec 2020 7 cropped Quarterly Publication

Check out articles related to this topic in this month's issue of Electrification Magazine.
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Transactive Energy Systems: Overview, Theory, Tool, Application, and Trend

dec 2020 6 Webinar: Apr 2020
Author: Steve Widergren

Recently, Transactive Energy Systems (TES) have gained great interest in the Power and Energy community. TES optimizes the operation of distributed energy resources (DERs) through market-based transactions between participants. The underlying transactive coordination and control (TC2) incorporates the economic concepts and principles into the decision making and controller design of individual market participants, and uses value, in particular, price as the control signal to coordinate and achieve their distinct objectives. It shares the advantages of both direct load control and price responsive control. However, because TES is a newly emerging concept, it is still mysterious to the power community. In this tutorial, pioneering TES researchers will give lectures to demystify TES from different aspects including theory, tool, and application.

Smart Distribution: DA/DMS Systems and ADMS Integration with DERs and Microgrids

dec 2020 5 Tutorial Series: Mar 2019
Author: John McDonald, Jiyuan Fan

This course introduces the intuitive concepts, fundamental theories, and practical technologies on distribution system modeling, analysis, automation, and management, including the core functionalities and real use cases of the Distribution Automation and Management Systems (DA/DMS) and the advanced applications in Smart Distribution, as well as the integration with Distributed Energy Resources {DERs) and Microgrids.

What Regulators Need to Know About the IEEE 1547 Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces

dec 2020 4Webinar: Nov 2019
Author: Babak Enayati

This webinar aims to bring the electric sector policy makers and regulators up to speed on what the IEEE 1547 standard means to them. This standard went through a major revision which impacts how the distributed energy resources can be interconnected to the electric system.

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Contribution to Bulk System Control and Stability by DER Connected at Distribution Network

dec 2020 3 Webinar: Jun 2018
Authors: Rodrigo Andrade Ramos, Nikos Hatziargyriou, Costas Vournas, Thierry Van Cutsemort

The penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) within the Distribution Network (DN) increases worldwide. A DN with high penetration of DERs responds dynamically to system disturbances and therefore affects the overall power system stability and dynamic behavior. The webinar presents the main impacts of high DER penetration at the distribution grid on the bulk power system operation and describes basic elements of DER control in order to ameliorate these impacts. It also presents several case studies illustrating the DER ability to support transmissions network control and stability. It describes aggregate and equivalent DER models that can be used for steady state and dynamic analysis studies, in order to assess their impact on the overall power system dynamic behaviour, including modeling and control of microgrids. Finally, the report highlights recommended extensions of Regulations and Network Codes in order to improve cooperation of Transmission and Distribution Network operation.

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Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in Power Distribution Systems

dec 2020 2 Webinar: Sept 2017
Julio Romero Aguero

Historically, distribution systems have been designed with the objective of supplying customer loads, with electric power flowing in a single direction, from substations through radial primary and secondary lines to end users. The interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) violates this fundamental assumption and therefore, can lead to a wide variety of impacts that need to be assessed and mitigated. For instance, the variable output characteristic of the most popular renewable distributed generation (DG) technologies, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind, can lead to bidirectional power flows, from substations to end users and vice versa, voltage fluctuations and interaction with voltage regulation and control equipment. Moreover, for large penetration levels of variable DG, distribution feeders can essentially become active sources and inject power beyond distribution substations, into subtransmission and transmission systems. This webinar will discuss modeling and simulation methodologies to evaluate impacts and solutions for seamless integration of DER, and discuss industry trends and leading practices in this area.

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2016 PES GM Tutorial - Distributed Energy Resources

dec 2020 1 2016 PES General Meeting Tutorial Series

These two tutorials provide a basic introduction of Distributed Energy Resources.

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