PES Technical Council

COUNCIL OFFICERS (Effective 1 January 2020)

Vijay Vittal, Chair

Hong Chen, Vice Chair

Diane Watkins, Secretary

Farnoosh Rahmatian, Past Chair

PES technical committees work to advance the electric power industry through various activities including identifying current and upcoming challenges, standards development and dissemination of important findings. A list of standards and committees can be found through the links to the left; information about the PES Technical Council is found below.


  • Analytic Methods for Power Systems Committee - Kevin Schneider, Chair 
  • Electric Machinery Committee - John Yagielski, Chair
  • Energy Development and Power Generation Committee - John B. Yale, Chair
  • Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee - Curtis Ashton, Chair 
  • Insulated Conductors Committee - Henk Geene, Chair
  • Nuclear Power Engineering Committee - Daryl Harmon, Chair
  • Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee - Ken Fodero, Chair 
  • Power System Dynamic Performance Committee - Costas Vournas, Chair
  • Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee - Ernst Hanique, Chair
  • Power System Operation, Planning and Economics Committee - Fran Li, Chair 
  • Power System Relaying and Control Committee - Russ Patterson, Chair 
  • Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems - Ron Melton, Chair 
  • Substations Committee - Joe Gravelle, Chair
  • Surge Protective Devices Committee - Steven Hensley, Chair
  • Switchgear Committee - Keith Flowers, Chair
  • Transformers Committee - Bruce Forsyth, Chair
  • Transmission and Distribution Committee - Gary Chang, Chair


  • Energy Internet Coordinating Commitee - Hongbin Sun, Chair
  • Intelligent Grid and Emerging Technologies Coordinating Committee - Doug Houseman, Chair 
  • Marine Systems Coordinating Committee - Dwight Alexander, Chair
  • Renewable Systems Integration Coordinating Committee - Andrew Leon, Chair


  • Awards Committee - Farnoosh Rahmatian, Chair
  • Organization & Procedures Committee - Diane Watkins, Chair
  • Power and Energy Education Committee - Siddharth Suryanarayanan, Chair
  • Standards Coordination Committee - Ted Burse, Chair
  • Technical Sessions Committee - Hong Chen, Chair
  • Entity Proposal Management Committee - Farnoosh Rahamatian, Chair

For General Questions about how to get involved with a specific PES Technical or Coordinating Committee, please email:
Shana Pepin, IEEE PES Program Manager, 


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