PES Technical Council

COUNCIL OFFICERS (Effective 1 January 2019)

Farnoosh Rahmatian, Chair

Vijay Vittal, Vice Chair

Hong Chen, Secretary

Miriam Sanders, Past Chair


  • Awards Committee - Miriam Sanders, Chair
  • Organization & Procedures Committee - Hong Chen, Chair
  • Power and Energy Education Committee - Siddharth Suryanarayanan, Chair
  • Standards Coordination Committee - Ted Burse, Chair
  • Technical Sessions Committee - Vijay Vital, Chair


  • Intelligent Grid and Emerging Technologies Coordinating Committee - Doug Houseman, Chair 
  • Marine Systems Coordinating Committee - Dwight Alexander, Chair
  • Wind and Solar Power Coordinating Committee - Debra Lew, Chair


  • Analytic Methods for Power Systems Committee - Kevin Schneider, Chair 
  • Electric Machinery Committee - K. Chen, Chair
  • Energy Development and Power Generation Committee - John B. Yale, Chair
  • Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee - Curtis Ashton, Chair 
  • Insulated Conductors Committee - E. Bascom, Chair
  • Nuclear Power Engineering Committee - Daryl Harmon, Chair
  • Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee - Ken Fodero, Chair 
  • Power System Dynamic Performance Committee - Costas Vournas, Chair
  • Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee - E. Hanique, Chair
  • Power System Operations, Planning and Economics Committee - L. Barrosso, Chair 
  • Power System Relaying and Control Committee - Russ Patterson, Chair 
  • Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems - Shawn Chandler, Chair 
  • Substations Committee - Joe Gravelle, Chair
  • Surge Protective Devices Committee - Steven Hensley, Chair
  • Switchgear Committee - Todd Irwin, Chair
  • Transformers Committee - Susan McNelly, Chair
  • Transmission and Distribution Committee - G. Chang, Chair