June 2021 Standards

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Std Designation Organization Acronym Standard Title Standard Board Approval Date Standard Pub Date PM Contact
2030.11-2021 PE/T&D IEEE Std. Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) Functional Specification 9-May-21 9-Jun-21 Mike Kipness
2828-2021 PE/T&D IEEE Guide For Measuring Method of Overhead Power Transmission Line Galloping Based on Monocular Video 9-May-21 29-Jun-21 Mike Kipness
2836-2021 PE/ESSB IEEE Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Electrical Energy Storage (EES) System in Electric Charging Stations in Combination with Photovoltaic (PV) 9-May-21 8-Jun-21 Mike Kipness
C37.91-2021 PE/PSRC IEEE Guide for Protecting Power Transformers 25-Mar-21 29-Jun-21 Malia Zaman
C93.5-2021 PE/PSCC IEEE Std. for Power Line Carrier Transmitter/Receiver Equipment used to Transfer Discrete Teleprotection Signals 25-Mar-21 22-Jun-21 Erin Sipewak