February 2021 Standards

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February Published Standards

Std Designation Organization Acronym Standard Title Standard Board Approval Date Standard Pub Date PM Contact
1246-2020 PE/SUB Guide for Temporary Protective Grounding Systems Used in Substations 12/3/2020 2/19/2021 Ashley Moran

January Approved Standards

Project # Working Group Acronym Title of Standards Month, Day, Year of Standard Board Approval Date Program Manager
532 PE/IC/A07W/P532 IEEE Guide for Selecting and Testing Jackets for Power, Instrumentation, and Control Cables February 9, 2021 Mike Kipness
1048a PE/T&D/ESMOL-1048_WG IEEE Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines - Amendment February 9, 2021 Mike Kipness
C37.108 PE/PSRCC/C37.108_WG IEEE Guide for the Protection of Secondary Network Systems February 9, 2021 Erin Spiewak