April 2021 Standards

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Std Designation Organization Acronym Standard Title Standard Board Approval Date Standard Pub Date PM Contact
532-2021 PE/IC IEEE Guide for Selecting and Testing Jackets for Power, Instrumentation, and Control Cables 9-Feb-21 27-Apr-21 Mike Kipness
1036-2020 PE/T&D IEEE Guide for the Application of Shunt Power Capacitors 25-Mar-20 5-Mar-21 Mike Kipness
1594-2020 PE/PSCC IEEE Standard for Helically-Applied Fiber Optic Cable Systems (WRAP) for Use on Overhead Utility Lines 3-Dec-20 26-Mar-21 Erin Morales
2772-2021 PE/T&D IEEE Standard for Test Method for Energy Loss of Overhead Conductor 25-Mar-20 29-Apr-21 Mike Kipness
63113-2021 PE/NPE IEC/IEEE International Standard--Nuclear facilities--Instrumentation important to safety--Spent fuel pool instrumentation 25-Mar-20 20-Apr-21 Christian Orlando
C37.20.7-2017/Cor 1-2021 PE/SWG IEEE Guide for Testing Switchgear Rated up to 52 kV for Internal Arcing Faults--Corrigendum 1 25-Mar-20 2-Apr-21 Ashley Moran
C37.62-2020 PE/SWG IEEE Standard for Pad-Mounted Dry Vault, Submersible, and Overhead Fault Interrupters for Alternating Current Systems Up to and Including 38 kV 3-Dec-20 5-Apr-21 Ashley Moran
C37.108-2021 PE/PSRCC IEEE Guide for Protection of Secondary Network Systems 9-Feb-21 23-Apr-21 Malia Zaman
C37.121-2020 PE/SWG IEEE Guide for Switchgear--Unit Substation--Requirements 24-Sept-20 9-Mar-21 Ashley Moran
C57.148-2020 PE/TR IEEE Standard for Control Cabinets for Power Transformers 24-Sept-20 31-Mar-21 Malia Zaman
C62.72a-2020 PE/SPDLV IEEE Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Devices for Use on the Load Side of Service Equipment in Low-Voltage (1000 V or Less, 50 Hz or 60 Hz) AC Power Circuits--Amendment 1: SPD Disconnector Application Considerations and Coordination 4-June-20 24-Mar-21 Christian Orlando