High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program

PES High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program (HPSBCP)

2018 PES Student Branch Chapter Recipients (based on 2017 Activities)

The IEEE Power and Energy Society received 96 PES SB chapter annual reports (29 countries) based on 2017 activities.
The UFPB PES SB chapter (IEEE Bahia Section) is our Outstanding Student Branch Chapter and will receive USD$1,000.
95 other PES SB chapters will receive funding this year from the program for a total USD$18,050.

You can access a list with all 2018 PES HPSBCP rewards to 96 PES SB chapters by clicking here.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in the 2018 HPSBCP.

PES have increased the number of PES SB chapter annual reports since first edition of the PES HPSBCP:

  • 2015 PES HPSBCP (based on 2014 activities): 22 annual reports
  • 2016 PES HPSBCP (based on 2015 activities): 37 annual reports
  • 2017 PES HPSBCP (based on 2016 activities): 72 annual reports
  • 2018 PES HPSBCP (based on 2017 activities): 96 annual reports

These were the Outstanding PES Student Branch Chapter in each previews IEEE PES HPSBCP edition:

  • 2015 PES HPSBCP:
    University of Sarajevo PES SB chapter (IEEE Bosnia and Herzegovina Section, Bosnia and Herzegovina, IEEE Region 8)
  • 2016 PES HPSBCP:
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics (IEEE Hungary Section, Hungary, IEEE Region 8)
  • 2017 PES HPSBCP:
    Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica (IEEE Costa Rica Section, Costa Rica, IEEE Region 9)
  • 2018 PES HPSBCP:
    UFPB PES SB chapter (IEEE Bahia Section, Brazil, IEEE Region 9)

PES will upload this website link with new 2019 PES HPSBCP rules, deadline and annual report form in the next few days.