High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program

2019 PES High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program (HPSBCP)

We are proud to announce IEEE PES High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program (HPSBCP) is available for all IEEE PES Student Branch Chapters. Deadline to apply for this program is March 30, 2019.

Eligibility Requirements and Program Overview

Any active PES Student Branch Chapter is eligible to apply for the PES High Performing Chapter Program. The IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter chair must apply for the program each year using the Combined Annual Report / High Performing Student Chapter Program online form available in the following link: https://ieee.checkboxonline.com/2019-PES-HPSBCP-and-annual-report.aspx

The completed form must be submitted by March 30, 2019. Each PES SB chapter that meets the defined performance requirements will be eligible to receive funding.

US$ 150 to US$ 700 (Based on total score)

US$ 1,000 (First position on the PES HPSBCP ranking)

Important information:

Each activity with evidence photos (ppt file) will have score multiplied by 2.

Template (ppt file) with evidence photos

Download the template in the following link (up to 60 slides): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZvSLswixswlxMzgyrd2ZWv4ltp70FWfN/view

The best overall PES HPSBCP form will be recognized as our Outstanding PES SB Chapter with US$ 1000 award

The High Performing Chapter Program Description

The High Performing Chapter Program funding will be awarded yearly with a maximum of US$ 1,000 and a minimum of US$ 150.

Part 1 is the Annual Report

Only the PES SB chapter annual report will not provide any PES funding.

Part 2 is the PES HPSBCP form

PES HPSBCP (High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program) form can provide opportunity to PES SB chapters receive PES funding from US$ 150 to US$ 1,000. If you would like to receive PES funding (US$ 150 to US$ 700), then one ppt (up to 60 slides) with relevant photos should be included to show your PES events in this annual report. You should divide your ppt into the following categories to show your PES SB chapter activities in 2018:

1. Introduction

2.1 Technical Activities

2.2 Tours and technical visits

2.4. Retention Activities

2.6. Membership Recognition Activities

2.7. Activities to recognize PES volunteers (NEW)

2.8. IEEE STEP (Student Transition and Elevation Partnership) activities

2.9. PES Women in Power activities (NEW)

2.10. PES humanitarian activities (NEW)

2.11. PES pre-university activities (NEW)

2.12. Engage with official PES programs (PES Day celebration) – NEW

2.13. PES eNews Update articles (NEW)


2.14. Interaction with other IEEE units

2.14.A. Interaction with IEEE SB

2.14.B. Interaction with IEEE Section

2.14.C. Interaction with other PES SB chapters

2.14.D. Interaction with local PES Section Chapter

2.14.E. Interaction with local IEEE YP AG and/or IEEE PES YP

2.14.F. Interaction with local IEEE WIE AG


2.15. Educational Activities

2.16. Conference Activities (organized)

2.16. Conference Activities (attended)

2.17. Other Activities


Video file with evidence photos (optional)

One video (up to 5 minutes) with relevant photos and/or videos can be included to show your PES events in this annual report.

Additional score for PES HPSBCP

In 2019, PES will provide additional 2019 PES HPSBCP score to PES SB chapters with PES eNews Update articles based on 2018 activities. The PES SB chapters will have opportunity to send PES eNews Update articles (2018 activities) by March 30, 2019 (deadline).