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IEEE Electrification Magazine is a quarterly magazine dedicated to disseminating information on all matters related to microgrids onboard electric vehicles, ships, trains, planes, and off-grid applications, including electrification of remote communities and decarbonization strategies. Microgrids refer to electric networks in a car, a ship, a plane or an electric train, which have a limited number of sources and multiple types of loads as well as off-grid applications that include small scale multi-carrier energy systems supplying electricity and heat in areas away from high voltage power networks. Feature articles in the magazine focus on advanced concepts, technologies, and practices associated with all aspects of electrification in the transportation and off-grid sectors from a technical perspective in synergy with nontechnical areas such as business, environmental, social and policy topics.

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Associate Editors

Electric Planes
Syed A. Hossain, GE Aviation, Ohio, USA (syed.hossain@ge.com)
Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh, McMaster University, Canada (Babak.nahid@ieee.org)
Kaushik Rajashekara, University of Houston, Texas, USA (ksraja@central.uh.edu)

Electric Ships
Marta Molinas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (marta.molinas@ntnu.no)
Ioannis (John) Prousalidis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (jprousal@naval.ntua.gr)

Electric Trains
Tamas Ruzsanyi, Ganz-Skoda, Hungary (tamas.ruzsanyi@ieee.org)

Electric Vehicles
David Wenzhong Gao, University of Denver, Colorado, USA (David.Gao@du.edu)
Silva Hiti, Rivian, California, USA (silvahiti@rivian.com)
Wei Hua, Southeast University, China (huawei1978@seu.edu.cn)
Mahesh Krishnamurthy, Illinois Institute of Technology, Illinois, USA (kmahesh@iit.edu)
Khwaja Rahman, Rivian, Michigan, USA (krahman@rivian.com)

Suryanarayana Doolla, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India (suryad@iitb.ac.in)
Antonello Monti, RWTH Aachen, Germany (amonti@eonerc.rwth-aachen.de)
Ehsan Nasr, Microsoft Corporation, Washington, USA (enasraza@uwaterloo.ca)
Deepak Ramasubramanian, Electric Power Research Institute, Tennessee, USA (dramasubramanian@epri.com)
Doris Sáez Hueichapan, University of Chile, Chile (dsaez@ing.uchile.cl)