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PES disseminates the latest knowledge through the serial publication of technical journals on energy conversion, power delivery, power systems, smart grid, and sustainable energy, Power & Energy Magazine, Electrification Magazine and proceedings of sponsored conferences and meetings. A number of videos are also available. Links on this page guide you to information on accessing these materials and instructions for authors and reviewers.

PES Publications Procedures and Policies:


Power & Energy Magazine

Electrification Magazine

PES Transactions

Open Access Journal of Power and Energy

IEEE Power & Energy Society Digital Library
Subscribe to the IEEE Power & Energy Society Digital Library for online access through IEEE Xplore to IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Conference Proceedings and the legacy titles Transactions on Power Apparatus & Systems and Transactions of the AIEE Part 3: Power Apparatus & Systems. (Only available to IEEE members or PES members.)

PES Publications Webinar Series
Visit the PES Resource Center to access webinars by PES authors presenting their work on a multitude of topics.

PES Videos
Celebrating over 125 years of history and progress around the world.

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**For any query related to PES Publications, please contact PES Publication Office at  PES-PUB-OFFICE@IEEE.ORG