PES University Plain Talk

PES Plain Talk About the Electric Power System courses:

  • Provide overviews of the power and energy industry's technical aspects for power industry professionals and 
    engineers new to the industry
  • Offer insight into the demands of regulators, consumer groups, and trends that impact power systems operations
  • Are presented live in-person taught in a classroom setting by subject matter experts and Online.
  • Offered as 12 individual 80-minute modules On-Demnand  then archived in the IEEE PES Resource Center
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   The Course Curriculum includes:

    Day 1:  Power System Basics - Understanding How the Bulk Electric Power System Works
    Day 2:  Distribution System - Delivering Power to the Customer
    Day 3:  Transmission System - The Interconnected Bulk Electric System

 Pricing for In-Person Events:

★In-Person events are eligible for 0.8 CEUs per session.

You may enroll in one, two, or all three courses.

Three-Course Enrollment
  • Early Bird:     $1,935.00
  • Regular Fee: $2,150.00
Two-Course Enrollment
  • Early Bird:     $1,360.00
  • Regular Fee: $1,510.00
One-Course Enrollment
  • Early Bird:     $715.00
  • Regular Fee: $795.00



Plain Talk About the Electric Power System 

On Demand 

What you will learn:

  • Basic understanding of concepts and equipment used in the modern power grid
  • Fundamentals of electrical generation, transmission, substations, distribution, control center operations and consumption
  • Important concepts surrounding power grid resiliency and safety
  • Knowledge of important issues facing planners and operators
  • Understanding of terminology used by technical personnel in the electric power industry
  • If you are involved in the electric power industry, you will benefit from attending this easy-to-consume course, conveniently delivered online.

Who will benefit:

  • Non-technical personnel working at electric utilities
  • Engineers and other technical personnel transitioning to the power industry
  • Sales, marketing and support personnel at power system suppliers
  • Power industry policymakers, attorneys, regulators and their staff
  • New hires at any power industry employer

★Online courses are eligible for up to 0.1 CEUs per session.



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