Fellow Nomination

Resources for Fellow Nominators

  1. IEEE Recommendation Guide for Writing Effective Nominations
  2. IEEE Recommendation Guide for Effective References and Endorsements
  3. Information on how to write an effective IEEE Fellow nomination
    1. View webinar video on "How to Write an Effective IEEE Fellow Nomination". Presented by Mariesa Crow, Missouri S&T (Membership Webinar Series)
    2. View webinar information on "How to Write an Effective IEEE Fellow Nomination"
    3. View powerpoint presentation on "How to Write an Effective IEEE Fellow Nomination"
  4. List of all Active PES Fellows
  5. PES Members in the Class of 2018 IEEE Fellows
  6. About the IEEE Fellow Program

2018 PES Fellows Nomination Resource Committee

Mariesa Crow, Chair

Chanan Singh
Costas Vournas
Murty Yalla
Branislav Djokic

Have questions, email the FNRC at Fellow_Nominate@ieee.org

2018 PES Fellows Committee

Mladen Kezunovic, Chair

Clark, K.; Denver, CO USA
Dugan, R.: Knoxville, TN USA
Exposito-Gomez, A.; Seville, Spain
Fardanesh, B.; White Plains, NY USA
Fukui, S.; Tokyo, Japan
Litvinov, E.; Holyoke, MA USA
Liu, Y.; Knoxville, TN USA
Milanovic, J.; Manchester, UK
Morison, K. G.; Byrnaby, Canada
Reder, W.; Chicago, IL USA
Simoes Costa, A.; Florianopolis, Brazil
Van Cutsem, T.; Leige, Belgium
Vittal, V; Scottsdale, AZ USA
Ward, S.; Raleigh, NC USA
Zhang, B.; Beijing, China

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