PES Webinars

IEEE PES Webinars consist of eight different categories to cover a wide variety of interests and technical levels. Information and links for each series can be found below.

  • Membership

    The PES Membership Webinar Series features a variety of topics that highlight member benefits as well as "how to" topics.

  • Technical

    The PES Technical Webinar Series includes a wide range of engineering topics presented by practitioners.

  • Women in Power

    This series presents topics related to the power industry, and shares the benefits of Women In Power to members and non-members, featuring presentations from all 9 regions.

  • Women In Power

    This webinar series presents a wide range of topics that Young Professionals (YP) would be interested in, including technical topics, highlights of YP work in the field, and more.

  • Technical

    The PES Students Webinar Series will focus on topics that are of particular interest to power engineering students, including research design projects by current students.

  • Publications

    The PES Publications Webinar Series will feature presentations by authors of PES journal and magazine articles, as well as topics related to publications.

  • Chapters

    The PES Chapters Webinars Series will include presentations from all regions in the local language and time zone, reflecting local interests and speakers.

  • Distinguished Lecturer Program

    The PES Distinguished Lecturer Program Webinar Series will include presentations from top experts in their fields on technical topics of current interest.