Plain Talk Testimonials


Power System Basics-Understanding the Electric Utility Industry Inside and Out

"Good course no doubt!" As someone new to the industry but a BSEE, it addressed a lot of the things I have been trying to understand." - Tim Erickson, Cooper Power Systems

"Great course! Hard to believe the amount of material we covered in one day. Instructor did a great job of simplifying complex subjects. Very knowledgeable and experienced." - Gary Wiseman

"I am happy with this class and look forward to using this information for the benefit of both my work group and myself." - Joy Bonales

"Very good course for beginners." - Ben Clark

"The instructor provided additional value by supplementing slides with background knowledge, experiences and anecdotes that help reinforce the learning and retention." - Joseph Giampapa, Software Engineering Institute

"Instructor is a subject matter expert on a wealth of knowledge across the power industry, the players and participants. This cross knowledge application was powerful. This investment of time will enhance my productivity by reducing technical knowledge learning curve." - Jason Parmalee, Central Hudson Electric and Gas

"The course was very interesting and useful." - C.S. Adishesha, Honeywell Technology

"The instructor was very knowledgeable about the power system. He gave many real world experiences to explain the basics. Very good course. Would recommend to others." - Robert Peterson

"As an attorney who works with electrical engineers every day I found this course very easy to understand. Not everyone has the skill to explain the technical concepts to non-technical/nonscientific people like me. Thank you!"

"Good breakdown of major components. Technical enough to understand issues and variables. But not overwhelming to a non-engineer. Extremely helpful." - Elizabeth Mattke, GRU

"Everything was well described and thoroughly detailed. There was not much that wasn't covered by the instructor. I felt that this class gives a great knowledge base into the electric utility industry." - Andrew Salemo, Central Hudson Gas & Electric


Distribution System-Delivering Power to the Customer

"I thought it was a very informative class and I appreciated the vast amount of knowledge and experience that the speakers shared with the class." - Bill Richard, Transgard Systems

"This course clarified confusion I had regarding separators. I have a better understanding of substations and I know where I need to concentrate my efforts. I also have a better understanding of the inter-relationships of the distribution network. This was an informative and interesting presentation." - Craig Baranowski, Central Maine Power

"Both instructors had more than an appropriate amount of experience and real world knowledge to share. Excellent choices to present this material." - Brad McGill, Bashlin Industries

"I enjoyed talking to the instructors. They had very fascinating backgrounds that reinforced topics discussed in the course." - Danielle Richard, Central Maine Power

"The course was very organized and technically appropriate. I increased my knowledge and clarity of concepts I use everyday." - Elia Bim

"Both speakers presented clearly, would recommend to others." - Jonathan MacKnight, Plastic Dip Moldings, Inc.

"All of the material was presented in a clear and concise manner. The instructors were able to effectively answer all questions asked." - Thomas Palmer, Central Hudson Gas & Electric

"I would highly recommend this class to my co-workers." - Robert Riley, Central Hudson Gas & Electric

"This course was informative and increased my understanding of the distribution system." - Clinton Endsley, Power Engineers, Inc.

"I had no knowledge of subject. Course gave good general overview for technical person." - Raymond Disantis

"Both speakers did a great job relating real life stories to the content of the presentation, capturing the listeners' attention. All material, even the most complex was explained in a way that was easy for all to understand." - Andrew Salemo, Central Hudson Gas & Electric


Transmission System - The Interconnected Bulk Electric System

"The course gave me the background I was looking for on the transmission grid. Well done."

"Knowledgeable and was able to communicate the subject matter clearly and at a level that was understandable."

"This was an extremely interesting course. It addressed the heart of my concern about my position at Central Maine Power. The information was in depth and very detailed. I particularly appreciated the insight into contingency planning." - Craig Baranowski, Central Maine Power

"Excellent presentation - kept content relevant and lively." - Benjamin Bissel, The Valley Group

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with all questions providing helpful answers. Also injected was levity to keep it entertaining. The instructor demonstrated the ability to quickly drill down into the details, then easily transition back to the big picture without losing the attendees along the way. Excellent."

"Another excellent course with an abundance of information presented in a concise and easily understandable way. Great instructor." - Chris Payne, Tri-Technic

"There was a lot to absorb, but I found it very informative and an interesting overview of transmission."

"Very good practical information to aid my understanding of transmission system operation." - Ryan Hughes, Burns & McDonnell

"Very informative. Instructor made class/session fun and presented very complex information in a very light, yet highly informative manner." - Marlene Benoit

"This session was highly educational and fun. The instructor kept our attention and was highly informative. Looking forward to future conferences." - Robert Riley, Central Hudson Gas & Electric

"The instructor did a great job relating real life experiences to the topics in the presentation keeping the audience captivated. He did an awesome job answering all questions that were posed during this session. I feel that I have a much better knowledge of the interconnected bulk electric transmission system." - Andrew Salemo, Central Hudson Gas & Electric