PES Webinar - What's in PES For Me?

IEEE Power & Energy Society Membership Webinar Series

What's in PES For Me?

12 May 2016 • 7:30 pm Eastern

Presented by Juan Carlos Montero


This Webinar:

PES is the second largest IEEE Society with more than 35,000 members worldwide. Our strength is in attracting wide audiences by creating and implementing new technical ideas and applying best practices through output and initiatives.

This webinar describes the PES organization, what it can do for you and your career, and benefits of IEEE PES participation. Topics include membership benefits such as the Resource Center, how to participate in local Chapter events, how to become involved in technical activities, PES journals and magazines. New PES members, and those considering membership, are especially encouraged to participate.


The Presenters:

Juan Carlos Montero

Juan Carlos Montero is the IEEE Power & Energy Society Vice President of Membership & Image. He has previously held several other volunteer leadership roles within the IEEE Power & Energy Society at the local and international levels, including the Chair of the Costa Rica Chapter and Central America Chapter Representative. Mr. Montero received the Bachelor and Licentiate degree on Electrical Engineering from the University of Costa Rica. He is a Network Analyst in the Costa Rican National Power Control Center (CENCE). He is also Part-Time Lecturer Professor at the University of Costa Rica. Mr. Montero is a Senior Member of the IEEE.


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