PES Webinar - Synchronous Condensers

IEEE Power & Energy Society Technical Webinar Series

Synchronous Condensers

9 August 2017 • 11:00 am Eastern

Presented by: Ian Ramsay, Lead FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) Business Development Manager, Siemens Industry Inc.

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This webinar:

It is perhaps strange to refer to Synchronous Condensers as a new technology (they have been around for decades) however with a modern twist to old equipment they are proving invaluable in stabilizing the grid system. Synchronous Condensers provide:

  • Short-circuit power contribution
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Short-term overload capability
  • Provide inertia to the transmission system

New Synchronous Condensers can be connected to existing Transmission Substations or alternatively retired generators can be retrofitted to provide the required functionality.

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The Presenter:

Ian Ramsay has worked for Siemens for almost 29 years. His roles have been varied including: Engineering, Commissioning, Project Management, Proposal Management and Sales and Business Development. His primary focus has been with FACTS Technology and GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear).

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