PES Webinar - SmartSacramento, SMUD’s Smart Grid Initiatives Project: Overview and Lessons Learned

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SmartSacramento, SMUD’s Smart Grid Initiatives Project: Overview and Lessons Learned

28 November 2017 • 2:00 pm Eastern

Presented by Jim Parks, Program Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), and Yifan Lu, Project Manager, customer analytic team at SMUD

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This Webinar:

SMUD implemented $350 million worth of smart grid projects that resulted in dramatic increases in the amount of available data. SMUD used the data to implement several initiatives in the areas of workforce and asset management, operational efficiencies, distributed energy resource management and customer programs. SMUD continues to use the data to improve grid performance and to develop programs focused on the customer side—SMUD’s customer analytics team worked on a load disaggregation model to identify customers with large HVAC usage, base loads and variable loads. The model empowered three data products: 1) a rank list of high potential customers who can benefit from SMUD’s offerings; 2) an internal app for energy auditors to provide personalized educational talking points when conduct audits; and 3) personalized marketing messages. By providing relevant and personalized messages and offerings, SMUD is building a better customer experience.

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The Presenters:

Jim Parks

Jim Parks is a program manager in the Energy Research and Development department at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). He just completed a $308 million smart grid initiative (SmartSacramento®) with over 40 individual projects ranging from smart meters and distribution automation to customer programs including demand response and energy efficiency. He currently oversees energy efficiency and smart grid R&D projects. Prior to his current assignment, he worked with emerging energy efficiency technologies, electric transportation, energy efficiency program development, energy efficiency program operations and transmission planning.

Yifan Lu is a project manager leading the customer analytic team at SMUD.

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