PES Webinar - Rating of Underground Power Cables with Boundary Temperature Restrictions – a 2019 PES Prize Paper

Rating of Underground Power Cables with Boundary Temperature Restrictions – a 2019 PES Prize Paper

July 2, 2019 • 11:00 am ET

Presented by: Dr George Anders, aco-Anders Con

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This Webinar:

This webinar will present the 2019 PES Prize Paper entitled “Rating of Underground Power Cables with Boundary Temperature Restrictions”. This paper is selected as one of two PES prize papers among about 2000 papers published in all PES transactions over the past 3 years. The subject of the paper is about a new cable rating method for actual industry applications. The usual way of rating the electric power cables is to compute the current such that the conductor temperature does not exceed the specified limit. The procedures for ampacity calculations are well established and are part of several international and national standards. However, in several countries, another restriction is imposed on the maximum current the cable can carry. This restriction limits the temperature rise at a point other than the cable conductor. In North America, a notion of the “boundary” temperature limit is sometimes entertained. The boundary can refer to the cable surface but also to the edge of the duct bank or a backfill. The paper proposes new solutions to such problem including calculation of the dynamic ratings. It not only introduces a computational procedure to calculate ampacities based on boundary temperature restrictions but also illustrates how the new algorithm can be applied in practice for several cable design situations.

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The Presenter:

Dr George Anders

George Anders is a president of Anders Consulting company in Toronto. Between 1975 and 2012 he has been employed by Ontario Hydro and Kinectrics in Toronto, Canada. He is also a professor in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the Technical University of Lodz in Poland. For many years, Dr. Anders has been Ontario Hydro’s resource person responsible for the development of power cable calculation methods and application of advanced techniques in power system analysis. He is the author of two monographs on cable current rating calculations published by IEEE in the Power Engineering Series. Dr. Anders is a recipient of 2016 IEEE Herman Halperin Awards in Transmission and Distribution and 2018 IEEE Roy Billinton Award in Power System Reliability.