PES Webinar - PES Student Activities and Opportunities (Spanish Version)

IEEE Power & Energy Society Membership and Students Webinar Series

PES Student Activities and Opportunities (Spanish Version)

18 October 2017 • 7:00 pm Eastern

Presented by: Luis Felipe Gaitan Cubides, Electrical Engineering Student - Engineering Assistant

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This webinar:

The IEEE Power and Energy Society offers great benefits to its student members. It is of great interest for PES that all IEEE members in the region know, disseminate and participate in their programs, ensuring that the work of their volunteers is visible to the entire IEEE community.ith typical mitigation means and design best practices.

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The Presenter:

Student of Electrical Engineering in the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. He led the PES student chapter during 2014 as vice-chair and in 2015 as president of the chapter and the student branch. During his administration, the IEEE student branch, achieved the Second Place Case of Success Contest in the RRR 2015, Second Place in the TISP Contest IEEE R9, First Place in the Success Contest in the IEEE National Meeting 2015, First Place in the R9 Membership Contest, and the Exemplary Student Branch Award in R9. In addition, the PES chapter was in the top 10 of the PES High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program. He is a member of the IEEE PES Membership Development Committee and editor of the IEEE Magazine “Enlaces”.

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