PES Webinar - "E"

IEEE Power & Energy Society Young Professionals Webinar Series


29 July 2016 • 12:30 pm Eastern

Presented by Paul P. Leufkens, President of Power Projects Leufkens


This Webinar:

The webinar is inspired by the film “powers of ten” from 1977 and applied in our IEEE domain.

We talk about electrical phenomena in a High Power High Voltage laboratory.

After an introduction about how Maxwell (his laws are 151 years old now) manifests in the lab we talk about the ranges in magnitude of voltage, current and time phenomena. Millions of Volts occur while hundreds of thousands of Amperes must be interrupted in a circuit-breaker. But the measurements take place with mV, mA, µs and smaller. It is fascinating to see how many decades all what happens encompasses. Yet any deviation of Maxwell has to be discovered, whether it is in the testing of a varistor or in a vacuum circuit-breaker the transition from field emission currents to full breakdown of the gap.

We will end with some remarks about the profession of testing and experimenting. They are less objective and scientific, but based on many years of experience as true and useful.


The Presenters:

Paul P. Leufkens

Paul Leufkens president of the consulting firm Power Projects Leufkens, has 20+ years' experience in the power sector. He has worked internationally in Business Development and Leadership for consulting and testing companies, including 13 years with KEMA in Netherlands and in Chalfont, PA. Previously he directed product development for the T&D cable industry and in switchgear manufacturing. He holds the MS EE degree from Delft Technical University (Netherlands).

Paul is an active member of IEEE, having served in many roles in the IEEE Switchgear Committee like chairman of STL NA as well as in the Transformer Committee and ICC.