PES Webinar - Community of the Future

IEEE Power & Energy Society Women In Power Webinar Series

Community of the Future

17 June 2016 • 12:00 pm Eastern

Presented by Adrienne Grier, Manager of Smart Grid Programs for Smart Grid & Technology, ComEd

This Webinar:

ComEd and a local community- Bronzeville, are collaborating to bring a host of technologies and services – current and future – to create a "smart community" in which the energy system – and the many uses of its digital network – is localized and human-centered, with power that is ultra-reliable and can be generated and controlled at the community level. Residents and businesses will benefit from new technologies such as a microgrid, community solar gardens, and a network of EV charging stations amongst others.

A Community of the Future is a place where ComEd and a local community collaborate to create a "smart community" – connected, custom, livable, and, sustainable – in which the smart grid and a host of other technologies and related services are fully leveraged to enhance the everyday lives of community members.

The Presenters:

Adrienne Grier is the Manager of Smart Grid Programs for Smart Grid & Technology at ComEd. She is responsible for managing (a) development and evaluation of business cases for emerging technologies, (b) business transformation activities associated with full scale deployment of approved technologies and (c) development of a Smart City platform for ComEd including management of a Community of the Future initiative.