Importance of T&D Grid Modernization and Climate Change


New IEEE PES Technial Report Shares Global Efforts of the Electrical Energy Sector

to modernize the grid and combat climate change

IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee report provides the global perspectives on importance of electrical grid modernization to mitigate impacts from and adapt to climate change

Piscataway, N.J. – March 2022 – IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization advancing technology for humanity, is committed to supporting a global response to climate change. A newly released IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) report titled Importance of T&D Grid Modernization to Mitigate Impacts from and Adapt to Climate Change, draws upon input from global energy industry stakeholders in an effort to share practical knowledge and insights to help all stakeholders meet emerging challenges to combat climate change by framing, informing, and supporting the industry’s activities and investment priorities to pursue the decarbonization of the electric power sector.

The IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC) provides support to and cooperates with governments, regulators, and other industry organizations globally on technical issues related to power, energy, and policy topics. This report represents a global collaborative effort, including utilities, ISOs, researchers, vendors, as well as regulatory and government agencies, to identify key challenges and provide practical solutions. It addresses the following topics:

  • The Impact and Social Implications of Climate Change on the T&D Sector
  • Technical and Market Solutions for Decarbonization
  • Value of DER and the Grid and Associated Metrics
  • Workforce Development
  • Industry Vision, Strategy, and Solutions for NET-Zero Emissions

It is attended for the broader audience including regulators, policy makers, utilities, academics, vendors, etc.

“As the electric utility industry is leading the way in supporting the communities they serve by adapting to the effects of climate change, this report is very valuable not only to our industry but to the overall society. It provides objective global perspective on what issues and solutions are to address clean energy to support public health and gird resilience, while keeping prices affordable” emphasized Jessica Bian, IEEE PES President.

“The grid is also being increasingly tested by weather events exacerbated by climate change that bring extreme weather conditions with greater frequency and intensity, as well as by human-made threats like physical and cyber-attacks. The best way to address society targets is through fuel transformation, energy efficiency, and electrification,” highlighted Shay Bahramirad, IEEE PES President-Elect and Senior Vice President at Luma Energy.

“To achieve aggressive decarbonization goals, the electric power sector will need to re-think how to plan, design, regulate, and operate the electric grid.,” stressed Babu Chalamala, Director at Sandia National Laboratory and member of IEEE PES ITSLC, who led the report initiative.

“This unique document shows how a resilient, modern electric grid is the foundation for our clean energy future, requiring renewables, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electrification,” said Damir Novosel, immediate past chair of the IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC), IEEE PES Past President and Quanta Technology President.”

A technical report, on this topic, is available on the IEEE PES Resource Center.

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