PES Past Award Recipients


Past PES award recipients.

  • IEEE PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering
  • IEEE PES Chapters Council Award
  • IEEE PES Charles Concordia Power Systems Engineering Award
  • IEEE PES Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award
  • IEEE PES Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award
  • IEEE PES Nari Hingorani FACTS Award
  • Life-Long Achievement Award
  • IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award
  • IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Award (prior to 1999)
  • IEEE PES Outstanding Large Chapter Award (after 1999)
  • IEEE PES Outstanding Small Chapter Award (after 1999)
  • IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award
  • Power-Life Award
  • IEEE PES Prize Paper Award
  • IEEE PES Student Prize Paper Award in Honor of T. Burke Hayes
  • IEEE Uno Lamm High Voltage Direct Current Award
  • Walter Fee Outstanding Young Engineer Award
  • IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award
  • IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award
  • IEEE PES Robert Noberini Distinguished Contributions to Power Engineering Professionalism Award
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership in Power Award
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Lifetime Achievement Award
  • IEEE PES Douglas M. Staszesky Distribution Automation Award
  • IEEE PES IAS A.P. Seethapathy Rural Electrification Excellence Award
  • IEEE PES CSEE Yu-Hsiu Ku Electrical Engineering Award
  • IEEE PES G. Ray Ekenstam Memorial Scholarship
  • IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative - Scholarship Recipients
  • IEEE PES Prabha S. Kundur Power System Dynamics and Control Award
  • IEEE PES Wanda Reder Pioneer in Power Award

IEEE PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering

Past Recipients:

1989 - Sidney Rogers Gilligan
1990 - Paul L. Pearson
1991 - Harvey W. Mikulecky
1992 - Jack H. Lawson
1993 - William E. Shula
1994 - John R. Conrad
1995 - Franco Reggiani
1996 - James J. Burke
1998 - Joseph L. Koepfinger
1999 - John G. Anderson
2000 - Daniel J. Ward
2001 - Ronald H. Stillman
2002 - John D. McDonald
2003 - Robert E. Owen
2004 - David R. Smith
2005 - Roger Craig Dugan
2006 - Wayne Beaty
2007 - Cheryl A. Warren
2008 - T.A. Short
2009 - Reigh A. Walling
2010 - Philip P. Barker
2011 - Lee Taylor
2012 - Richard A. Bush
2013 - John McDaniel
2014 - Thomas J. Tobin
2015 - Elisabeth A. Tobin
2016 - John J. Grainger

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IEEE PES Chapters Council Award

Past Recipients:

1980 - John R. Wilson
1981 - Robert E. Mendoza
1982 - James J. Marum
1983 - Harold Fiedler
1983 - Norbert Larney
1984 - George L. Finley
1987 - Howard W. Carlson
1987 - Ronald P. Thompson
1988 - Kenneth D. Bailey
1988 - Frank E. Schink
1989 - Leo L. Grigsby
1989 - John M. D. Walch
1990 - Roger K. Sullivan
1990 - John T. Vitale
1991 - Alan C. Pierce
1991 - John M. Stipcevich
1992 - Charles W. Jordan
1992 - Tai C. Wong
1993 - Mary A. Sager
1993 - John R. Truitt
1994 - Robert A. Dent
1994 - Rudolf R. Walter
1995 - Robert D. Laramore
1995 - Bernard M. Speckman
1996 - Daniel E. Nordell
1996 - Robert A Schultz
1997 - Keene Matsuda
1998 - James M. Howard
1998 - Basil C. Papadias

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IEEE PES Charles Concordia Power Systems Engineering Award

Past Recipients:

2003 - Paul de Mello
2004 - William F. Tinney
2005 - Prabha S. Kundur
2006 - John Undrill
2007 - Richard Farmer
2008 - Einar V. Larsen
2009 - Ralph Masiello
2011 - Hermann W. Dommel
2012 - Leonard (Len) Garver
2014 - Joe Hong Chow

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IEEE PES Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award (formerly the Custom Power Award - renamed in 2004)

Past Recipients:

2003 - Charles Edwards
2005 - Neil H. Woodley
2008 - Rik DeDoncker
2012 - Hirofumi Akagi
2014 - Harshad Mehta
2016 - Rambabu Adapa

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IEEE PES Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award

Past Recipients:

2000 - Paul I.Nippes
2003 - M. Azizur Rahman
2004 - Hamid A. Toliyat
2005 - Ronald G. Harley
2006 - Scott D. Sudhoff
2008 - Oleg Wasynczuk
2009 - Emil Levi
2010 - Osama A. Mohammed
2011 - Stephen D. Umans
2012 - John Sheung-Chun Hsu
2013 - Clyde V. Maughan
2014 - James S. Edmonds
2015 - Babak Fahimi
2016 - William R. McCown

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IEEE PES Nari Hingorani FACTS Award (formerly the Nari Hingorani FACTS Award - renamed in 2004)

Past Recipients:

1999 - Laszlo Gyugui
2000 - David J. Young
2001 - Einar Larsen
2002 - Ibrahim A. Erinmez
2003 - Dusan Povh
2004 - Colin D. Schauder
2005 - Masatoshi Takeda
2006 - Abdel-Aty Edris
2007 - Aniruddha M. Gole
2008 - Xiaoxin Zhou
2010 - Chris Horwill
2011 - John J. Paserba, Jr.
2012 - Stig L. Nilsson
2013 - Edson H. Watanabe
2014 - Ned Mohan
2015 - Richard Piwko

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Life-Long Achievement Award

Past Recipients:

1998 - S. Harold Gold

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IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award

Past Recipients:

1972 - Andrew R. Cooper
1974 - Howard C. Barnes
1977 - Thomas H. Lee
1980 - Julius G. Derse
1989 - Charles L. Rudasill, Jr.
1990 - Charles L. "Chuck" Wagner
1991 - Ted W. Hissey
1992 - William R. Brownlee
1994 - S. Harold Gold
1995 - Leo Grigsby
1996 - C. John Essel
1997 - John W. Pope
1998 - Roger K. SuIlivan
1999 - Virginia Sulzberger
2001 - Robert A. Dent
2006 - B. Don Russell
2008 - John Estey
2009 - Melvin Olken
2010 - Frank E. Schink
2012 - Saifur Rahman
2013 - Wanda Reder
2014 - Hans Weinrich
2015 - John D. McDonald

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IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Award

Past Recipients:

1973–1974 - Phoenix
1974–1975 - New York/Long Island
1975–1976 - Pittsburgh
1976–1977 - Akron
1977–1978 - Baltimore
1978–1979 - Charlotte
1979–1980 - New York/Long Island
1980–1981 - Boston
1981–1982 - Pittsburgh
1982–1983 - Baltimore
1983–1984 - San Francisco
1984–1985 - Charlotte
1985–1986 - Winnipeg
1986–1987 - Boston
1987–1988 - New York/Long Island
1988–1989 - San Francisco
1989–1990 - Central Indiana
1990–1991 - Charlotte
1991–1992 - Florida West Coast
1992–1993 - New York/Long Island
1993–1994 - San Francisco
1994–1995 - Atlanta
1995–1996 - Hyderabad
1996–1997 - Orlando
1997–1998 - New York/Long Island

IEEE PES Outstanding Large Chapter Award

1999 - Baltimore
2000 - Florida West Coast
2001 - Puerto Rico & Caribbean
2002 - Argentina
2003 - Delhi
2004 - New York-Long Island
2004 - United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland
2005 - Pittsburgh
2006 - Delhi
2006 - Vancouver
2007 - New York/Long Island
2008 - Pittsburgh
2009 - Twin Cities
2010 - Boston
2011 - New York & Phoenix
2012 - Delhi
2013 - Boston
2014 - Seattle
2015 - San Francisco

IEEE PES Outstanding Small Chapter Award

1999 - Greece
2000 - Delhi 2001 - Western Australia
2002 - Madras
2003 - Russia
2004 - Kolkata
2005 - Uruguay
2005 - Panama
2006 - Romania
2006 - Richland
2007 - Malaysia
2008 - Hong Kong
2009 - Kolkata
2010 - Richland
2011 - Western Saudi Arabia
2012 - Kerala
2013 - Panama
2014 - Croatia
2015 - Thailand

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IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award

Past Recipients:

1989 - Hermann W. Dommel
1990 - Herbert H. Woodson
1991 - Arun G. Phadke
1992 - Roy Billinton
1993 - Abdel-Aziz A. Fouad
1994 - Anjan Bose
1995 - Gerald Thomas Heydt
1996 - S. S. (Mani) Venkata
1997 - Peter W. Sauer
1998 - Chanan Singh
1999 - Mohamed E. El-Hawary
2000 - Vijay Vittal
2001 - Charles A. Gross
2002 - Bruce F. Wollenberg
2003 - Leo Grigsby
2004 - Chen-Ching Liu
2005 - Robert J. Thomas
2006 - James S. Thorp
2007 - Göran Andersson
2008 - Ned Mohan
2009 - Lalit Goel
2010 - Richard G. Farmer
2011 - Thomas J. Overbye
2012 - Mohammed Shahidehpour
2013 - Saifur Rahman
2014 - Ali Abur
2015 - Ross Baldick
2016 - Mariesa L. Crow

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Power-Life Award

Past Recipients:

1970 - William B. Kouwenhoven
1971 - Philip Sporn
1972 - William D. Coolidge
1973 - John G. Trump
1974 - Philip L. Alger
1975 - Charles F. Dalziel
1977 - Howard C. Barnes
1978 - William R. Gould
1980 - Thomas H. Lee
1981 - Merril Eisenbud
1984 - Mike McCormack
1985 - Gottfried Biegelmeier
1989 - Lionel O. Barthold
1992 - Charles Concordia
1996 - William R. Brownlee
1997 - Wallace S. Read

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IEEE PES Prize Paper Award

Past Recipients:

- "The Transient Temperature Rise of Buried Cable Systems " by John J. Neher
- "EHV Surge Suppression on Interrupting Light Currents with Air Switches" by Eugene W. Boehne

- "The Adaptive Reliability Control System" by Thomas E. DyLiacco
- "How the Switching-Surge Family Affects Line Insulation" by John W. Kalb

- "Field and Laboratory Tests of Contaminated Insulators for the Design of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria's 500-kv. System" by John Johnson, Dale E. Hedman, Roy C. Henderson, William S. Price, and Frederick J. Turner

- "Insulation Coordination in APS 500-kv. Stations" by Andrew E. Hileman, William C. Guyker, and Joseph M. DeSalvo
- "Power Flow Solution by Newton's Method" by William F. Tinney and Clifford E. Hart
- "Fault Protection with a Digital Computer" by G. D. Rockefeller

- "Estimating the Switching Surge Performance of Transmission Lines" by A. R. Hileman, P. R. Leblanc, and G. W. Brown
- "Stys Response of Measuring Systems for High Impulse Voltages" by Frank C. Creed, Gerald Newi, and T. Kawamura

- "Operation of Lightning Arresters on Abnormal Power Frequency Changes" by R. W. Flugum
- "Current Limiting Gap Arresters-Some Fundamental Considerations" by E. C. Sakshaug

- "A Dynamic Surge Arrester Model for Use in Power System Transient Studies" by D. P. Carroll, R. W. Flugum, J. W. Kalb, and H. A. Peterson
- "Arrester Protection of High Voltage D.C. Transmission Converter Terminals" by J. S. Kresge, E. C. Sakshaug, and S. A. Miske, Jr.

- "Insulation Coordination of Gas Insulated Substations" by H. W. Anderi, C. L. Wagner, and T. H. Doods
- "Interactive Linear A.C. Power Flow Solution for Fast Approximate Outage Studies" by N. M. Peterson, D. W. Bree, Jr., and W. F. Tinney

- "Response of Transformer Windings to System Transient Voltages" by W. J. McNutt, T. J. Blalock, and R. A. Hinton
- "Simultaneous Power Interchange Capability Analysis" by G. L. Landgren and S. W. Anderson

- "Operating Reserve and Generation Risk Analysis for the PJM Interconnection" by L. G. Leffler, G. A. Cucchi, R. J. Ringlee, N. D. Reppen, and R. J. Chambliss
- "Operation of Surge Arresters on Low Surge Impedance Circuits" by R. W. Flugum and J. W. Kalb

- "Selective Pole Switching of Long Double-Circuit EHV Line" by Edward W. Kimbark
- "A High Speed HVDC Circuit Breaker with Crossed-Field Interrupters" by G. A. Hoffmann, G. L. Barbera, N. E. Reed, and L. A. Shillong

- "A New Concept in Station Arrester Design" by E. C. Sakshaug, J. S. Kresge, and S. A. Miske, Jr.
- "Optimization of the Real-Time Dispatch with Constraints for Secure Operation of Bulk Power Systems" by W. R. Barcelo, W. W. Lemmon, and H. R. Koen

- "Results of Subsynchronous Resonance Tests at Mohave" by D. N. Walker, C. E. V. Bowler, R. L. Jackson, and D. A. Hodges
- "Determination of Frequency Delay Rates During Periods of Generation Deficiency" by M. S. Baldwin and H. S. Schenkel

- "A New Series Capacitor Protection Scheme Using Nonlinear Resistors" by A. L. Courts, N. G. Hingorani, and G. E. Stemler
- "Ultra High Speed Relay for EHV/UHV Transmission Lines-Development, Design and Application," by M. Chamia and S. Liberman

- "Real-Time External System Equivalent for On-Line Contingency Analysis" by Jorge F. Dopazo, Guillermo D. Irisarri, and Alberto M. Sasson
- "Transient, Three-Dimensional, Finite-Element Analysis of Heat Flow in Turbine-Generator Rotors" by Anthony F. Armor

- "Scale Model Studies of A.C. Substation Electric Fields" by Stephen A. Sebo and Ross Caldecott
- "Characteristics of Static, Thyristor-Controlled Shunt Compensators for Power Transmission System Applications" by Edgar R. Taylor and Laszlo Gyugyi

- "Voltage Stresses Produced by Aperiodic and Oscillating System Overvoltages in Transformer Windings" by R. J. Musil, G. Preininger, E. Schopper, and S. Wenger
- "Dynamic Stabilizer Verification Tests at the San Juan Station" by D. G. Ramey, D. S. Kimmel, J. W. Dorney, and F. H. Kroening

- "A Current Differential Relay System Using Fiber Optics Communications" by S. C. Sun and R. E. Ray
- "Evaluation of a Functional Life Test Model for Power Transformers" by W. J. McNutt and G. H. Kaufmann

- "Transformer Response to System Switching Voltages" by R. F. Degeneff, W. J. McNutt, W. Neugebauer, J. Panek, M. E. McCallum, and C. C. Honey
- "Transmission Network Equivalents for Electromagnetic Studies" by A. S. Morched and V. Brandwajn

- "Optimal Powerflow by Newton Approach" by D. I. Sun, B. Ashley, B. Brewer, A. Hughes, and W. F. Tinney
- "Development of Non-Fragmenting Distribution Surge Arrester" by R. E. Koch and H. J. Songster

- "Dielectric-Withstand Levels of Some 735-kV Air-Blast Circuit Breakers Under Both Direct and Synthetic Out-of Phase Interrupting Tests," by M. Landry, G. St. Jean, R. JeanJean, and B. Khodabakhchain
- "Pros and Cons of Integrating Protection and Control in Transmission Substations," by S. L. Nilsson, D. F. Koenig, E. A. Udren, B. J. Allguren, and K. P. Lau

- "Qualification of Switchable Metal-Oxide Arresters for a Protective Level of 1.6 P.U. on Hydro-Quebec's 735 kV System," by Y. Latour, G. St. Jean, A. Petit, and H. Huynh
- "A Dynamic State Space Model of a MHO Distance Relay," by Z. Peng, M. Li, C. Wu, T. Cheng, and T. Ning

- "Application of a On-Line Air Gap Monitor for Hydroelectric Generator Protection and Problem Diagnosis," by P. Talas, P. O. Toom, D. E. Franklin, and R. A. Palylyk
- "Influence of Harmonics on Power Distribution System Protection," by J. F. Fuller, E. K. Fuchs, and D. J. Roesler

- "Adaptive Transmission Relaying Concepts for Improved Performance," by K. L. Hicks, J. R. Linders, D. T. Rizy, G. D. Rockefeller, and C. L. Wagner
- "A Refined Mathematical Model for Prediction of Bubble Evolution in Transformers," by W. A. Fessler, T. O. Rouse, W. J. McNutt, and O. R. Compton

- "A Magneto-Optic Current Transducer," by T. W. Cease and Paul M. Johnston
- "Shaft Voltages in Generators with Static, Excitation Systems-Problems and Solutions," by C. Ammann, K. Reichert, R. Joho, and Z. Posedel

- "A Predictive Out-of-Step Protection System Based on Observation of the Phase Difference Between Substations," by S. Mitamura, T. Nakamura, Y. Ohura, K. Omata, M. Suzuki, H. Watanabe, M. Yamaura, and K. Yanagihashi
- "GIC Mitigation: A Neutral Blocking/Bypass Device to Prevent the Flow of GIC in Power Systems," by V. D. Albertson, D. L. Carlson, B. L. Damsky, J. E. Harder, J. G. Kappenman, S. R. Norr, and G. A. Sweezy

- "Three Dimensional Magnetic Fields in Extra High Speed Modified Lundell Alternators Computed by a Combined Vector-Scalar Magnetic Potential Finite Element Method," by N. A. O. Demerdash, R. R. Secunde, and Ren-Hong Wang
- "Transmission Voltage Recovery Delayed by Stalled Air Conditioner Compressors," by D. C. Dawson, W. R. Schmus, and B. R. Williams

- "A New Sensor for Detecting Partial Discharges in Operating Turbine-Generators," by H. G. Sedding, S. R. Campbell, G. C. Stone, and G. S. Klempner
- "Report on Bus Transfer, Part III-Full Scale Testing and Evaluation," by P. L. Young, W. L. Snider, T. A. Higgins, and H. J. Holley
- "Real-Time Reactive Security Monitoring," by C. B. Auramovic and L. H. Fink

- "Adjustable Speed Drive Retrofit for Ormond Beach FD Fans," by J. A. Oliver, M. J. Samotyi, H. W. Weiss, and R. K. McCluskey
- "Performance of Metal-Oxide Arresters Exposed to Ferroresonance in Padmount Transformers," by R. A. Walling, R. K. Hartana, R. M. Reckard, M. P. Sampat, and T. R. Balgie

- "An Implementation of a Neural Network Based Load Forecasting Model for the EMS," by A. D. Papalexopoulos, S. Hao, and T. Peng
- "Effect of Floating Conducting Objects on Critical Switching Impulse Breakdown of Air Insulation," by F. A. M. Rizk

- "A New Pole Slipping Protection Algorithm for Dispersed Storage and Generation Using the Equal Area Criterion," by M. A. Redfern and M. J. Checksfield
- "Loss Measurement in High Voltage Thyristor Values," by M. Cepek, J. Douville, G. Fecteau, and R. Malewski

- "The Energy Absorption Capability and Time-to-Failure of Varistors Used in Station-Class Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters," by K. G. Ringler, P. Kirkby, C. C. Erven, M. V. Lat, and T. A. Malkiewicz
- "Computer Software to Automate the Graphical Analysis of Sudden-Short-Circuit Oscillograms of Large Synchronous Machines," by I. Kamwa, H. Carle, M. Pilote, P. Viarouge, B. Mpanda-Mabwe, and M. Crappe

- "Digital Relay Reports Verify Power System Models," by Charles F. Henville
- "A User-Friendly Simulation Program for Teaching Power System Operations," by Thomas J. Overbye, Peter W. Sauer, Caroline M. Marzinzik, and George Gross

- "The Effects of Long Term Operation and System Conditions on the Dielectric Capability and Insulation Coordination of Large Power Transformers," by Peter M. Balma, Robert C. Degeneff, Harold R. Moore, and Loren B. Wagenaar
- "Microprocessor Based Instrument for Detecting and Locating Electric Arcs," by Tarlochan S. Sidhu, Gurdeep Singh, and Mohindar S. Sachdev

- "Broken Conductors Protection System Using Carrier Communication," by Eduardo Cesar Senger, Walter Kaiser, Josemir Coelho Santos, Phillip M. S. Burt, and Caius Vinicius Sampaio Malagodi

- "Model Validation for the August 10, 1996 WSCC System Outage," by Dmitry N. Kosterev, Carson W. Taylor, and William A. Mittelstadt
- "Generator Winding Design-Amos 3 with 25 Years Experience," by James A. Oliver, James R. Michalec, Beat Zimmerli, Reinhard Joho, Norbert Krick, and Albert Huber

- "Wide-Area Measurement Based Stabilizing Control of Large Power Systems-A Decentralized/Hierarchical Approach," by Innocent Kamwa, Robert Grondin, and Yves He?bert
- "Three-Phase Short Circuit Testing of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Using Synthetic Circuits," by Denis Dufournet and Georges F. Montillet

- "Overhead Distribution Conductor Motion Due to Short-Circuit Forces," by Daniel J. Ward
- "A New Thermal Governor Modeling Approach in the WECC," by Les Pereira, John Undrill, Dmitry Kosterev, Donald G. Davies, and Shawn Patterson

- "A Novel Hybrid Current-Limiting Circuit Breaker for Medium Voltage: Principle and Test Results," by Michael Steurer, Klaus Fro?hlich, Walter Holaus, and Kurt Kaltenegger
- "A New Method for Synchronous Generator Core Quality Evaluation," by Gerald B. Kliman, Sang Bin Lee, Manoj R. Shah, R. Mark Lusted, and N. Kutty Nair
- "Short-Term Scheduling of Combined Cycle Units," by Bo Lu and Mohammad Shahidehpour

- "A New Concept of Voltage-Collapse Protection Based on Local Phasors," by G. Verbic and F. Gubina
- "A New Algorithm Enabling Controlled Short Circuit Interruption," by A. Pöltl and K. Fröhlich

- "Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electric Motors," by S. Nansi, H. A. Toliyat and X. Li
- "Comparative Laboratory Evaluation of Pre-molded Joints for Medium Voltage Cables," by V. Yaroslavskiy, M. Walker, C. Katz and R. Keefe

- "A DC Circuit Breaker with Ultra-Fast Contact Opening and Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs)," by J.M. Meyer and A. Rufer
- "Investigation and Simulation of Fields in Large Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines wiht Skewed Stator Slots," by H. Karmaker and A. M. Knight

- "Voltage Sags and the Response of a Synchronous Distributed Generator: A Case Study," by Edward R. Collins and Jian Jiang
- "Hybrid-State-Model-Based Time-Domain Identification of Synchronous Machine Parameters from Saturated Load Rejection Test Records," by Rene Wamkeue, Frederic Baetscher and Innocent Kamwa

- "Numerical Investigations on the Pressure Wave Absorption and the Gas Cooling Interacting in a Porous Filter, During an Internal Arc Fault in a Medium-Voltage Cell," by David Rochette, Stephane Louis Clain and Francois Gentils
- "Analysis of Multistress-Accelerated Aged Stator Bars Using a Three-Phase Test Arrangement," by Ray Bartnikas and Richard Morin 

- "IEEE PSRC Report on Performance of Relaying During Wide-Area Stressed Conditions," by Damir Novosel, George J. Bartok, Gene Henneberg, Pratap Gopal Mysore, Demetrois a. Tziouvaras and Solveig Ward
- "Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Prestrike Effect on a Transformer," by Marjan Popov, Rene Peter Paul Smeets, Lou van der Sluis, Hans De Herdt and Jan Declercq

- "On Some aspects of Power System Stabilizer Blocking Logic," by Matthias Baechle, Valerijs Knazkins and David Stutz
- "A Fault-Tolerant Technique for Delta-Connected Vector-Control AC Moto Drives," by Ahmed Sayed-Ahmed, Behrooz Mirafzal and Nabeel A. O. Demerdash

- "IEEE PSRC Report on Global Industry Experiences with System INtegrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)," by Vahid Madani, Damir Novosel, Stan Horowitz, Mark Adamiak, Javier Amantegui, Dan Karlsson, Shinichi Imai and Alex Apostolov
- "Weather Normalization of Reliability Indices," by Heide Caswell, Vincent Forte, John Fraser, Anil Pahwa, Tom Short, Mark Thatcher and Val Werner

-  "Probing the Intermittent Energy Resource Contributions from Generation Adequacy and Security Perspectives," by Wijarn Wangdee and Roy Billinton

- "Voltage Ride-Through Capability Verification of Wind Turbines With Fully-Rated Converters Using Reachability Analysis," by Hugo Nestor Villegas Pico and Dionysios Aliprantis
-"Transient Cable Overvoltage Calculation and Filter Design: Application to Onshore Converter Station for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting, " by Maren Kuschke and Kai Strunz

-"Battery Energy Storage for Enabling INtegration of Distributed Solar Power Generation," by Cody Aaron Hill, Matthew Clayton Such, Dongmei Chen, Juan Gonzalez and W. Mack Grady
-"Distributed Adaptive Droop Control for DC Distribution Systems," by Vahidreza Nasirian, Ali Davoudi, Frank Leroy Lewis and Josep M. Guerrero

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IEEE PES Student Prize Paper Award in Honor of T. Burke Hayes

Past Recipients:

1967 - Warren S. Gifford
1968 - Ronald P. Thompson
1969 - Ralph E. LaChance
1970 - Roger Chang
1971 - Arnie Pettersson
1972 - William L. Stillinger
1973 - George T. Reich
1974 - Kenneth L. McGovern
1975 - George R. Love
1976 - John C. Doyle
1977 - Geoffrey I. Iswandhi
1978 - Stephen Kuntz
1978 - Sami F. Mardini
1979 - Kostas Talios
1980 - Jeffrey Earl Calkins
1981 - Todd E. Holt
1982 - Ramasamy Ramaswami
1983 - Thomas J. Cunningham
1984 - Victoria Ann Gonzalez
1985 - Kathy Brown
1986 - Tim Haskew
1987 - Michael D. Schaffer
1988 - Ajit Y. Kulkarni
1989 - Keven J. Groenwold
1990 - Janet Goldwasser
1991 - Daniel J. Leonard
1992 - Shayne X. Short
1993 - Alexander V. Mamishev
1994 - Robert W. Dahlgren
1995 - Kenneth W. Adams
1996 - Elizabeth Marie Waldrep
1997 - Reuben J. Nugent
1997 - Travis Turner
1997 - Brent Wilkins
1998 - Michael D. Lynch
1999 - Michael J. Hamilton
2001 - Henrik Jo?nsson
2002 - Isabel DesLauries
2003 - Nedzad Atic
2003 - Amer Hasanovic
2004 - Kathryn Young
2005 - Eduardo Audiche
2006 - Timothy R. Roth
2007 - M. Burgos-Lopez
2010 - Shane Robert Hutchinson
2011 - Bordin Bordeerath
2012 - Andre Dozier, Joseph Liberatore and Matthew Veghte
2013 - Laurel Vitra Bhairosingh
2014 - Aditi Upadhyay
2015 - Julien Thomas
2016 - Tianyu Yang and Xiangxiang Xu

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IEEE PES Uno Lamm High Voltage Direct Current Award

Past Recipients:

1981 - Erich Uhlmann
1983 - John D. Ainsworth
1985 - Narain G. Hingorani
1987 - Karl-Werner Kanngiesser
1989 - Aleksa Gavrilovic
1990 - Glenn D. Breuer
1991 - Birger Funke
1992 - Carlos A. Peixoto
1993 - Donald M. Demarest
1994 - Thomas E. Calverley
1995 - Ake Ekstrom
1996 - John Reeve
1997 - Jos Arrillaga
1998 - Tadashi Senda
1999 - Chandra Krishnayya
2001 - Dusan Povh
2002 - Conrad Beriger
2003 - Gote Liss
2004 - Dennis A. Woodford
2005 - Michael L. Woodhouse
2006 - Gunnar Asplund
2007 - Peter Lips
2008 - Willis F. Long
2009 - Marcio Szechtman
2010 - Mohamed M. Rashwan
2012 - Bjarne R. Andersen
2014 - Jose Antonio Jardini
2015 - Rainier Marquardt

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Walter Fee Outstanding Young Engineer Award

(renamed the Outstanding Young Engineer Award in 2008)

Past Recipients:

1988 - Pierre Bornard
1989 - Ali Nourai
1990 - John G. Kappenman
1991 - Kwa-Sur Tam
1992 - Mark G. Lauby
1993 - Tom Overbye
1994 - Lei Wang
1997 - Mariesa L. Crow
1998 - Kraig J. Olejniczak
1999 - Miguel Velez-Reyes
2000 - Christopher W. Hickman
2001 - Michael R. Ingram
2002 - Jeffrey H. Nelson
2002 - Noel N. Schulz
2003 - Richard E. Brown
2004 - Mark Laufenberg
2005 - Efrai?n O'Neill-Carrillo
2006 - Marcelino Madrigal
2006 - Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy
2007 - Karen Nan Miu Miller

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IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award
(formerly the Walter Fee Outstanding Young Engineer Award in 2008)

Past Recipients:

2008 - William Rosehart
2009 - Zhenyu (Henry) Huang
2010 - Luiz Barroso
2011 - Ted K. A. Brekken
2012 - Alejandro D. Dominguez-Garcia
2013 - Gabriela Hug-Glanzmann
2014 - Shay Bahramirad
2015 - Siddharth Suryanarayanan
2016 - Kory W. Hedman

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IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award

Past Recipients:

- "IEEE Guide for Identification, Testing, and Evaluation of the Dynamic Performance of Excitation Control Systems," Working Group on Excitation Control System Dynamic Performance of the Excitation System Subcommittee of the Power Generation Committee, F. W. Keay, Chair

- "IEEE Recommended Practices for Measurement of Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC Power Lines," Working Group on Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Effects of Transmission Lines of the General Systems Subcommittee of the Transmission and Distribution Committee, Elwin G. Lambert, Chair

- "Application of Insulators in a Contaminated Environment," Working Group on Insulator Contamination of the Lightning and Insulator Subcommittee of the Transmission and Distribution Committee, K. C. Holte, Chair

- "Guide for Protection of Shunt Capacitor Banks," Working Group "Capacitor Protection Guide" of the Power System Relaying Committee, R. E. Linton, Chair

- "IEEE Guide for the Protection of Wire Line Communication Facilities Serving Electric Power Stations," Joint H.V. Interface Working Group of Wire Line Subcommittee of Power System Communications Committee with Communications Society, G. Y. R. Allen, Chair

- "IEEE Guide for Power-Line Carrier Applications," Carrier Subcommittee of the Power System Communications Committee, H. I. Dobson, Chair
- "Summary Update of Practices on Breaker Failure Protection," Breaker Failure Practices Working Group of the Power System Relaying Committee, J. R. Boyle, Chair

- "Fiber Optic Applications in Electrical Substations," Microwave and Radio Subcommittee and Research Subcommittee of the Power System Communications Committee, D. C. Erickson, Chair
- "IEEE Trial-Use Guide for Loading Mineral-Oil-Immersed Transformers Rated in Excess of 100 MVA," Task Force to Develop a Loading Guide for Transformers Above 100 MVA of Working Group on Guides for Loading of Insulation Life Subcommittee of Transformers Committee, D. H. Douglas, Chair

- "A Comparison of Methods for Calculating Audible Noise of High Voltage Transmission Lines," Audible Noise Working Group of the Transmission and Distribution Committee
- "Guide for Generator Ground Protection," ANSI/IEEE C37.101-1985 Generator Ground Protection Working Group of the Power System Relaying Committee

- "Corona and Field Effects of AC Overhead Transmission Lines-Information for Decision Makers," Working Group on Design and Environmental Considerations of the Transmission and Distribution Committee
- "IEEE Standard Definition, Specification and Analysis of Systems Used for Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition and Automatic Control," Working Group on Project 77.1, Revision of ANSI Std. C37.1 and C37.2 of the Substations Committee

- "Fault Induced Wave Distortion of Interest to Relay Engineers," Working Group on Wave Distortion on Consumer's Interconnection of the Power System Relaying Committee
- "IEEE Trial-Use Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power Lines," Task Force on Live Line Maintenance of the Transmission and Distribution Committee

- "Panel Session on Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields," Working Group on Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields of the Transmission and Distribution Committee
- "IEEE Guide for Specification of High-Voltage Direct-Current Systems, Part I-Steady State Performance-ANSI/IEEE 1030-1987," Joint Task Force of the Substation and the Transmission and Distribution Committees

- "Guide for A.C. Generator Protection," The A.C. Generator Protection Working Group of the Power System Relaying Committee, L. E. Landoll, Chair
- "Inadvertent Energizing Protection of Synchronous Generators," Working Group on Inadvertent Energizing Protection of Synchronous Generators of the Power System Relaying Committee, C. J. Mozina, Chair

- "Power Quality-Two Different Perspectives," Working Group on Distribution Voltage Quality of the Transmission and Distribution Committee, D. J. Ward, Chair
- "Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Turbine Generators," Working Group for the Revision of 67of the Synchronous Machinery Subcommittee of the Electric Machinery Committee, J. R. Michalec, Chair

- "IEEE Application Guide for Distributed Digital Control and Monitoring for Power Plants," Working Group on Distributed Digital Control for Power Plants of the Power Generation Committee, D. J. Damsker, Chair
- "Detection of Downed Conductors on Utility Distribution Systems," Joint Working Group of the Substation, Transmission and Distribution, and Power System Relaying Committees, B. Don Russell and B. Mike Aucoin, Chairs

- "Correlation of AC, Switching Surge and DC Breakdown Test Results for Insulating Blankets and Line Hoses," T&D Technical Report, G. Gela and N. Kolcio, Chairs
- "ANSI/IEEE C62.41: Recommended Practices for Voltages in Low Voltage AC Power Circuits," Working Group 3.6.4 on Surge Characterization on Low Voltage Circuits of the Surge Protective Devices Committee, F. D. Martzloff, Chair

- "Adjustable Speed Drives, 92 EHO," Electric Machinery Committee, Sheppard J. Salon, Chair
- "IEEE Design Guide for Electric Power Service Systems for Generating Stations: IEEE Standard 666-1991," Energy Development and Power Generation Committee, J. E. Stoner, Chair

- "Fundamentals of Supervisory Systems," W. Block, Chair
- "Power System Restoration," M. Adibi, Chair

- "Load Representation for Dynamic Performance Analysis," Power System Engineering Committee, W. W. Price, Chair
- "IEEE Guide for Service to Equipment Sensitive to Momentary Voltage Disturbances," Transmission and Distribution Committee, D. J. Ward, Chair

- Summary of "System Protection and Voltage Stability," Power System Relaying Committee, C. F. Henville, Chair
- "IEEE Standard Techniques for High-Voltage Testing" (IEEE Std. 4-1995), Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee, H. M. Schneider, Chair

- "Practical Definitions for Powers in Systems with Nonsinusoidal Waveforms and Unbalanced Loads: A Discussion," Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee, A. Emanuel, Chair
- "IEEE Guide: Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines, Part I-Acceptance and Performance Testing, Part II-Test Procedures and Parameter Determination for Dynamic Analysis," Electric Machinery Committee, P. Dandeno, Chair

- "IEEE Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines," W. A. Chisholm, Chair
- "IEEE Trial-Use Recommended Practice for Data Communications Between Intelligent Electronic Devices and Remote Terminal Units in a Substation," K. Jackson, Chair

- "Modeling and Analysis of System Transients Using Digital Programs," A. F. J. Keri, Chair
- "C37.112 IEEE Standard for Inverse Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent Relays," G. Benmouyal, Chair

- "Tutorial on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation," W. Xu, Chair
- "IEEE PSRC Working Group Report on Considerations in Setting Instantaneous Overcurrent Relays on Transmission Lines," J. R. Boyle, Chair
- "IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Transmission Lines," W. M. Carpenter, Chair
- "IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding," R. P. Keil, Chair

- "Video #2 on Power Engineering Careers," N. N. Schulz and K. Miu, Chairs
- "IEEE Standard 1313.2 1999 Guide for the Application of Insulation Coordination," G. G. Karady, Chair

- IEEE Std. 4 "High Voltage Testing Techniques Past, Present and Future," B. Larzelere, Chair
- IEEE Std. 691-2001 "IEEE Guide Transmission Structure Foundation Design and Testing," A. M. DiGioia, Jr. and P. Tedesco, Chairs

- "Application of Peer-to-Peer Communications for Protective Relaying,"M. Yalla, Chair
- IEEE Std. 1534-2002 "IEEE Recommended Practice for Specifying Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitors," D. Torgerson,Chair

- "Voltage Stability Assessment: Concepts, Practices and Tools,"C. Canizares, Chair
- IEEE Std. C37.60 "Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry Vault, and Submersible Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Fault Interrupters for Alternating Current Systems Up to 38 kV," D. Stone,Chair

- "Protection Issues During System Restoration," T. S. Sidhu, Chair
- "IEEE Guide for Synchronous Generator Modeling Practices and Applications in Power System Analyses," P. L. Dandeno and P. S. Kundur, Chairs

- "Application Consideration of IEC 61850/UCA 2 For Substation Ethernet Local Area Network Communication for Protection and Control," John Burger, Chair
- "IEEE Std. C37.119," Roger Hedding, Chair

- "Coordination of Generator Protection with Generator Excitation Control and Generator Capability," Charles Mozina,Chair
- "IEEE Standard for AC High-Voltage Circuit Switchers Rated 15.5 kV through 245 kV," Randall Dotson, Chair

- "Blackout Experiences and Lessons, Best Practices for System Dynamic Performance, and the Role of New Technologies," by Prabha Kundur and Carson W. Taylor, Co-Chairs
-  IEEE Std. C37.011-2005 "Application Guide for Transient Recovery Voltages for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers," by Denis L. Dufournet, Chair

- "Guidelines for Generator Stability Model Validation Testing," by Les Hajagos, Chair
- IEEE Std. 1665 "Guide for Rewind of Synchronous Generators 50 Hz and 60 Hz, Rated 1 MVA and Above," by William H. Bartley, Chair

- "PRSC WG I 19, Redundancy Considerations for Protective Relaying Systems," by Solveig Ward, Chair and Bryan Gwyn, Vice-Chair
- "IEEE Std. C37.230TM-2007, IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines," by William P. Waudby, Chair and Randall P. Crellin, Vice-Chair

- "IEEE Std. C37.06, Nov. 6, 2009, Standard AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis - Preferred Ratings and Related REquired Capabilities for Voltages above 1000 Volts" by George Montillet, Chair

- "IEEE Tutorial for Pretection of Synchronous Generators, Second Edition," by Michael Thompson, Chair and Christopher Ruckman, Vice Chair
- "IEEE Standard for Trip Systems for Low-Voltage (1000 V and below) AC and General Pupose (1500 V and below) DC Power Circuit Breakers," by Jeff Mizener, Chair

- "IEEE Standard 1249-2013, Guide for Computer-Based Control for Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation" by Douglas B. Seely, Chair
- "Special Report - Effect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying" by Fred Friend, Chair and Gerald Johnson, Vice-Chair

-"Trial Use Guide for Testing Permanent Magnet Machines," by Haran C. Karmaker, Chair
-"Use of Synchrophasor Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications," by Jim O'Brien, Chair

-"IEEE C37.240, Standard Cybersecurity Requirements for Substation Automation, Protection, and Control Systems," by Co-Chairs, Sam Sciacca (PSR) and Tim Tibbals (SUBS)
-"Fault Current Contributions from Wind Plants," by Co-Chairs, Reigh Waling (T&D), Ron Harley (EMC), Dean Miller (PSR) and Gene Henneberg (PSR)

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IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership in Power Award

Past Recipients:

2008 - Robin A. Hurst
2009 - James A. Kelly
2010 - James Alan Greer
2011 - Terry Boston
2012 - Armando J. Olivera
2013 - Michael Heyeck
2014 - David W. Roop
2015 - John Estey
2016 - Gordon Val Welie

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IEEE Power & Energy Society Lifetime Achievement Award

Past Recipients:

2008 - Stanley Harold Horowitz
2012 - Melvin I. Olken
2014 - Virginia C. Sulzberger

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IEEE PES Douglas M. Staszesky Distritution Automation Award

Past Recipients:

2009 - Dean Craig and Jack Li
2010 - Robert W. Uluski
2011 - Cameron Lee Smallwood
2012 - Anil Pahwa
2013 - Nokhum Markushevich
2014 - George Larry Clark
2015 - S. S. (Mani) Venkata
2016 - Mohammad Shahidehpour

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IEEE PES IAS A.P. Seethapathy Rural Electrification Excellence Award

Past Recipients:

2009 - William H. Kersting
2015 - Gerald E. Hagar

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IEEE PES Robert Noberini Distinguished Contributions to Power Engineering Professionalism Award

Past Recipients:

2008 - Frank E. Schink
2011 - Leann Kostek
2015 - John J. Paserba, Jr.

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IEEE PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award

Past Recipients:

2010 - Chanan Singh
2011 - Wenyuan Li
2012 - Armando M. Leite Da Silva
2013 - Ron Allan
2014 - Mark G. Lauby
2015 - Murty P. Bhavaraju
2016 - Robert Ringlee

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IEEE PES CSEE Yu-Hsiu Ku Electrical Engineering Award

Past Recipients:

2010 - Jiali He
2011 - Lou Jiafa
2012 - Erkeng Yu
2014 - Weiming Ma
2015 - Boming Zhang
2016 - Guanghui Sun

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IEEE PES G. Ray Ekenstam Memorial Scholarship

Past Recipients:

2011 - Amelia Simpson, Louisiana State University
2012 - Jimmy Higgins, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
2013 - Hai Van Lu, University of South Alabama
2014 - Nial Khodra, University of Alaska-Anchorage 
2015 - Zachary Hadsell,  University of Nevada-Reno
2016 - David "Shawn" Canady, Clemson University
2017 - Chris Calderwood, Boise State University
2018 - Brian Malone, Cleveland State University


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IEEE Power & Energy Society Ramakumar Family Renewable Energy Excellence Award

Past Recipients:

2012 - Ned Mohan
2013 - Vladimiro Miranda
2014 - J. Charles Smith
2015 - Ziyad M. Salameh
M. Hashem Nehrir

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IEEE PES Prabha S. Kundur Power System Dynamics and Control Award

Past Recipients: 

2014 - Peter W. Sauer
2015 - Nelson Martins
2016 - Goran Andersson

IEEE PES Wanda Reder Pioneer in Power Award

Past Recipients:

2014 - Jessica J. Bian
2015 - Sandra Cecilia Vega Gomez
2016 - Jennifer T. Sterling