PES-NERC Renewables Task Force

The IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) in cooperation with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has started a task force to look into the impact of large penetration of inverter- based resources on the power system. This includes both impacts on short-circuit current availability, and other dynamic performance issues as a consequence of this.

By the second quarter 2018, The task force will produce an industry guidance document that will identify/define the issues/impact of having large penetrations of inverter based-resources on the power system with a longer range scope to develop standards, guides and technical papers to help guide the power industry as more wind and solar energy is being deployed.

The task force is led by Kevin W. Jones (Co-Chair), XCEL Energy, from the PES Power Systems Relaying and Control Committee (PSRC) and Pouyan Pourbeik (Co-Chair), Power and Energy, Analysis, Consulting and Education, PLLC, from the PES Power Systems Dynamic Performance Committee (PSDP), along with Gary Kobet (Vice-Chair), TVA from the PSRC. The task force reports to the PES Technical Council.

The team is made up of several representatives from utilities, manufacturers, consultants and NERC. The initial phase of this work is expected to be completed shortly. Please watch for calls for participation in the months ahead on the formation of the working groups that will be creating these standards, guides and technical papers.

For more questions about IEEE PES, contact Miriam P. Sanders. For more information about NERC priorities and initiatives, contact Kimberly Mielcarek.