PES Members elected to the IEEE Fellows Class of 2022

PES Members elected to the IEEE Fellows Class of 2022
(The following are PES Members or were evaluated by PES for election to Fellow)

The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields. To ensure that the recognition is extraordinary, the total number of recipients each year cannot exceed 0.1% of the total higher grade membership.


Abdolhosein Nasiri - for contributions to high power converters for energy storage systems and microgrids

Anurag Srivastava - for contributions to electric grid resiliency

Babak Nahid-mobarakeh - for contributions to service continuity of electric motor drive systems

Bulent Sarlioglu - for applications of electrical drives in the aerospace industry

Chul-hwan Kim - for contribution to protective relaying methods to reduce power system outages

Donald Dunn - for contributions to process control systems

Gianmario Pellegrino - for contributions to Synchronous Reluctance machines identification and control

Joao Paulo Catalao - for contributions to power system operations and demand response

Kiyohisa Terai - for contribution to optical fiber sensors and electrical discharge applications

Le Xie - for contributions to economic and secure operations of power systems and big data analytics

Lei Wu - for contributions to stochastic modeling and optimization of power systems and large interdependent infrastructures

Liangzhong Yao - for leadership in HVDC grid supporting integration of large wind farms

Lingling Fan - for contributions to stability analysis and control of inverter-based resources

Mario Paolone - for contributions to situational-awareness and control of power distribution systems

Marjan Popov - for contributions to high-frequency transformer and circuit breaker modeling

Maryam Saeedifard - for contributions to modulation, control and protection of multilevel converters for high-voltage DC transmission

Mikhail Vaiman - for contributions to methods and software for real-time analysis and control of electric power systems

Mladen Sasic - for contributions to develpment of diagnostics testing of motor and generator windings

Mukesh Nagpal - for contributions to economic and safe integration of distributed renewables in electric utility networks

Qi Huang - for leadership in informatics for smart electric energy system

Rajapandian Ayyanar - for contributions to power conversion and grid integration of renewable resources

Richard Tabors - for development of technologies for real-time locational pricing of electricity for efficient electric power markets

Satish Ranade - for contributions to integration of renewable and distributed energy resources into power systems

Subhashish Bhattacharya - for contributions to power conversion systems and active power filters

Tianshu Bi - for contributions to synchrophasor technology and protective relay applications

Trevor Maguire - for leadership in the development of large scale real-time power systems simulators

Tseng King Jet - for contributions to permanent magnet machines and distributed energy resources