PES Members Elected to the IEEE Fellows Class of 2018

PES Members elected to the IEEE Fellows Class of 2018
(The following are PES Members or were evaluated by PES for election to Fellow)

The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields. To ensure that the recognition is extraordinary, the total number of recipients each year cannot exceed 0.1% of the total higher grade membership.
Haithem Abu-rub -for contributions to power electronic converters for renewable energy applications
Karen L. Butler-Purry -for contributions to expanding minority participation in power systems education
Leo Casey -for contributions to high-speed power electronic interfaces for grid-tied distributed resources
Sherman Chan -for contributions to power system modeling and analysis tools for protective relaying
Gianfranco Chicco -for contributions to data analytics for smart metering
Ehab El-saadany -for contributions to distributed generation planning, operation and control
James Feltes -for contributions to modelling the dynamic response of power generation systems
Hashem Hashemian -for leadership in developing technologies for nuclear reactor monitoring
Haibo He -for contributions to adaptive learning
Anil Jampala -for contributions to the utilization of synchrophasors in energy management systems
Noriko Kawakami -for contributions to large-capacity power converters and applications
Richard Lukaszewski -for contributions to the application of power electronic devices for variable frequency drives
Zhenqiang Ma -for contributions to flexible and biodegradable microwave electronics
Hideki Motoyama -for contributions to lightning protection and insulation coordination of electric power systems
Hans Peter Nee -for contributions to silicon carbide power electronics and modular multilevel converters
Patrick Panciatici -for contributions to power systems analysis software
Ronghai Qu -for contributions to computational techniques for the analysis of environmental sustainability
Eugeniusz Rosolowski -for contributions to education in power system modeling and protection
Alex Schneider -for contribution to transmission and generation failure modeling
Hongbin Sun -for contributions to algorithms and technologies for energy management systems
Marcelo Valdes -for contributions to improving the safety and reliability of low voltage power systems
Peng Wang -for contributions to power system reliability and hybrid AC/DC micro-grids
Philip Winston -for development of standards in power system protection reliability