PES GOLD Conference Events

2012 IEEE PES General Meeting in San Diego:

The PES GOLD committee planned events for 2012 PES General Meeting in San Diego:

PES GOLD Seminar and Reception:

Wednesday July 25 6:00 – 7:30 PM Manchester D, Second Level

The Graduates of the Last Decade reception and seminar provides an opportunity for all conference attendees, in particular, current students and engineers that have graduated within the last ten years to network, meet officers of IEEE PES, and to make contacts among their peers in the Power & Energy community. Find out how you can contribute to PES and how it can help you. All registered attendees are invited. Light refreshments will be provided. A 20 minute seminar will begin at 6:45 PM.

PES GOLD Networking event:

Wednesday July 25 following the Seminar and Reception. Details TBD.

2012 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition in Orlando

PES GOLD sponsored a social event at O'Shucks Billiard & Pub during the 2012 T&D conference in Orlando. Billiards and refreshments were provided to all PES GOLD members in attendance. This was another successful networking event towards building a stronger PES GOLD community.

2011 IEEE PES General Meeting in Detroit:

PES GOLD was very active at the 2011 General Meeting in Detroit. The committee helped with the organization and execution of the job fair in addition to running two GOLD events at the meeting. A GOLD Seminar/networking event was attended by over 100 GOLD members in addition to other PES members from academia and industry. This was followed by a social event later in the evening at Garden Bowl. Bowling and refreshments were provided for 46 GOLD members. Both events exceeded expectations and spurred additional PES member involvement in GOLD activities. More importantly these events are helping build a vibrant network of young PES GOLD members.

Photos from the Garden Bowl social event:

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