PES Election News – The Results Are In!

We are pleased to announce our new officers for 2016.

PES President-Elect: Saifur Rahman
Secretary: Jessica Bian
Treasurer: Chris Root

We would like to thank all the candidates for running. The superb slate helped drive a recent history record in votes cast. Over 20% of our membership voted!

Below is a breakdown of voting by region.

Region Region %
R1 Count 17.11%
R2 Count 17.01%
R3 Count 16.81%
R4 Count 19.16%
R5 Count 14.54%
R6 Count 15.86%
R7 Count 19.73%
R8 Count 25.24%
R9 Count 30.18%
R10 Count 28.73%
Total 20.49%


Congratulations to the new PES Leaders and again our sincere appreciation to all the candidates.