Member-Driven Initiatives


The IEEE Power & Energy Society Governing Board has allocated up to US$30,000 for Member-Driven Initiatives. The funding is open to all PES members, Chapters and Committees. PES Members do not require Chapter approval but coordination is suggested. Allocation of funds will be competitive.

Download the application. (.DOCX)

Funding Priorities

Applications will be evaluated for funding by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will give preference to projects that contain some or all of the following components:

  • Fit of the project to the PES Mission
  • Number of PES members impacted
  • Benefits industry members
  • Humanitarian activity
  • PES membership recruitment and retention
  • Benefits female members and/or increasing female membership in PES
  • Public outreach to promote the field of electric power and energy and the PES Mission

The ability of the applicant to execute the proposed project will also be given consideration.

Terms, Restrictions and Conditions

  • There is no minimum award size. For exceptional projects, awards up to US$2,000 can be made.
  • Only initiatives proposed by PES member(s), Chapters or Committees will be considered.
  • Typically up to one project per Chapter or Student Branch Chapter can be approved in each year.
  • Funds must be successfully requested and spent in the current year. Requests for multi-year or continuous funding will not be considered.
  • Funds will not be distributed for travel to conferences, conferences fees, research, tuition, or indirect costs.
  • Compensation for work is not allowed on the projects.
  • A report, including financial documentation, list and affiliation of participants and photographic evidence is required within 45 days of project completion.
  • A final report is required within 45 days of project completion. Report must include: description of the activity, date of the activity, total number of attendees, information of how the activity was announced, photos from the event, financial documentation with copy of the receipts for the expenses. An article for PES eNews is also required.
  • Any images and descriptions of the event will be considered for use in the PES newsletters, promotions and publications.
  • Once funds are exhausted, no additional awards will be made through this program within the same call.
  • If several requests are received from a same applicant, the second one will be evaluated upon the execution and report received for the first one. It is preferred though not to have multiple applications from the same applicant within one call.
  • Our preferred method of supplying the funding is through transfer the fund to local IEEE section bank accounts. Applicants should coordinate and get approval from the section treasurer. Please keep in mind that transfers can take more than a month to get to some countries.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

Project Examples

  • Seed funding for a workshop for practicing engineers.
  • Support for a chapter meeting featuring industry executives.
  • Industry workshop.
  • Development of an outreach program to get students at primary schools interested in the field of electric power and energy.
  • Funding for a design competition for appropriate lighting technologies.
  • Support for an event leading to the creation of a new chapter.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee members will be selected from PES Membership, Chapters Representative and Region Representative.


To be determined.