PES Chapters

A PES Chapter is a technical sub-unit of one or more IEEE Sections and it consists of PES members who share technical interests and geographical proximity. Chapters provide PES members with the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow IEEE members. An active chapter can be one of the most positive elements of being an IEEE PES member by offering programs, activities, professional networking, special events/conference, etc. It provides valuable opportunities to network at a local level, enabling their personal and professional growth.

A PES Chapter can also be affiliated with an IEEE Student Branch. An active Student Branch Chapter can be one of the most positive elements at a college or university. You have the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow IEEE student members and engage with professional IEEE members locally.

As of December 2020, PES had 271 Professional Chapters and 470 Student Branch Chapters. Involvement with a PES chapter is a great way to get the most of your membership at a local level.

From Seattle to Singapore, PES chapters are found across the globe. Use our Chapter Locator tool to find a PES chapter near you.


2022 PES Chapter Social Media Contest

Social Media 2022 26

The aim of this contest is to promote IEEE PES on social media channels, increase branding, image & presence.  The contest is open to all PES Chapters (Professional & Student Branches).   The offcial rules are available online.

The PES China Chapter Council

The PES China Chapter Council has been formed to facilitate PES activities in China. At the start, the Chapter Council will have four standing committees. The scope of work for these committees will evolve as the interactions between IEEE PES and Chinese engineering organizations expand over time. Additional committees can be formed in the future as needed. 

  1. The Membership Committee's activities will include arranging training workshops, tutorials, webinars, etc. to make IEEE PES visible among power engineers and others in China, and grow PES membership in the country. 
  2. The Conferences Committee will be lead volunteer group to organize PES conferences in China. This committee will liaise with the PES vice president for meetings. 
  3. The Technical Committee will provide linkage between the IEEE PES technical committees, and engineers and academics in China who are interested to participate in committee activities.
  4. The Standards Committee will help to vet Chinese standards directed to IEEE PES for evaluation to be adopted as IEEE standards. This committee will liaise with the IEEE Standards Association office in Beijing.

All current PES chapter chairs in China will be ex-officio members of the PES China Chapter Council (PACC). They will be rotated out as their chapter chair terms end. It will be chaired by an active PES volunteer in China, to be appointed by the PES Vice President - Chapters. The PES China Chapter Council will assign liaison members from among the PES members in China to the China Society of Electrical Engineers (CSEE), China Electrotechnical Society (CES), China Society for Urban Studies (CSUS), and others as needed.