IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award

The IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award was established to recognize engineers 35 years of age or under “for outstanding contributions in the leadership of technical society activities including local and/or transnational PES and other technical societies, leadership in community and humanitarian activities, and evidence of technical competence through significant engineering achievements.”

The award, administered by the PES Awards and Recognition Committee, is presented annually at the IEEE PES Annual Meeting.  Recipients receive a plaque, up to $1,000 USD travel reimbursement to attend the IEEE PES Annual Meeting, and have the privilege of designating a college or university to receive a $2,000 USD scholarship for an electrical engineering undergraduate.

To be eligible for the award, an individual must be 35 years of age or under on January 1 of the presentation year, have been a member of PES for at least one year, and as a minimum have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from an accredited electrical engineering program or equivalent.  Nominations can be made by any PES member with the endorsement by the chapter or technical committee of which the individual is a member.

Factors to be considered for selection include: local/transnational PES activities and leadership, professional society activities, evidence of technical competence and achievement, community and humanitarian activities, educational achievements, and professional registration.

Click here for the PES Society-level Nomination Site.

Committee Chair:
A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos

Committee Members:
C. DeMarco
M. Ingram
J. Mitra
S. Widergren

Past Recipients:

1994 Lei Wang
1997 Mariesa L. Crow
1998 Kraig J. Olejniczak
1999 Miguel Velez-Reyes
2000 Christopher W. Hickman
2002 Jeffrey H. Nelson and Noel N. Schulz
2003 Richard E. Brown
2004 Mark Laufenberg
2005 Efrain O’Neill–Carrillo
2006 Marcelino Madrigal and Ganesh Venayagamoorthy
2007 Karen Nan Miu Miller
2008 William (Bill) Rosehart
2009 Zhenyu (Henry) Huang
2010 Luiz A. Barroso
2011 Ted K. A. Brekken
2012 Alejandro D. Dominguez Garcia
2013 Gabriela Hug-Glanzmann
2014 Shay Bahramirad
2015 Siddharth Suryanarayanan
2016 Kory W. Hedman
2017 Le Xie

IMPORTANT: One award will be given per year. If no suitable candidate is proposed in a given year, the award will not be presented for that year.  

PES, being one of IEEE’s Organizational Units, follows IEEE Policy 4.4H.
IEEE Policy 4.4.H
• Eligibility and Process Limitations. Individuals serving on any board or committee involved at any stage of the recipient selection or approval process for an award shall be ineligible to receive, or act as a nominator or reference for that award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units.

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