Standards Leadership

  • PES drives and understands standards and key technical issues.
  • 561 out of 1261, or 44%, of all published IEEE Standards are from PES (please update data)
  • PES is home to more than 20 technical, coordinating and standards development committees.

PES Technical Committees

  • PES technical committees work to advance the electric power industry through various activities including identifying current and upcoming challenges, standards development and dissemination of important findings. Learn more:
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Technical Committee Structure was reorganized. PES re-aligned the technical committees to the changes that are happening in the power and energy industry with new technologies and their applications and impact. Learn more in
  • Papers submitted for acceptance for presentation at the annual General Meeting number around 1600 every year, technical committees review these with an acceptance rate of around 50% that are then presented in one of three different sessions at the GM.
  • The technical committees also create technical reports that are available on the Resource Center, or their own website. These technical papers are used around the world for further development of work, internal education or external education.

Standards Development

  • 45%, of all published IEEE Standards are from PES
  • There are currently 580 active/published standards (this number includes amendments and corrigendas, so as documents become revised the active amendments/corrigendas will roll into the revision project).
  • There are three types of standardization document: Standard, Recommended Practice and Guide. These three types of document are generically referred to as “IEEE Standards”.

Recent Tutorials and Webinars on Standards


  • IEEE Std. 1547 - Standard for Interconnecting DER
  • IEEE Std. C37.238 Use of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol in Power System Applications
  • IEEE Std. C62.2 - Surge Protection of Power Systems
  • IEEE Std. 998 - Direct Lightning Stroke Subs. Shielding
  • IEEE Std. C122.4 Application of Gas-Insulated Transmission Lines, Rated 72.5 kV and up
  • IEEE Std. C37.122.6 - Interface of New GI Equip. in Existing GI Substations above 52 kV
  • IEEE 2030.5 (Smart Energy Profile 2.0): An Overview and Applicability of DER
  • IEEE Std. C37.242 Guide for Synchronization, Calibration, Testing, & Installation of PMUs

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