IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award

Purpose: To recognize outstanding contributions in leadership, technical activities, and educational activities of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Form of Recognition: Plaque and travel subsidy of up to $1,000 for recipient to attend presentation ceremony.

Frequency: To ensure that this award is presented to appropriately qualified recipient and to maintain the prestigious nature of the award, it may not be presented every year.  There is no fixed frequency.

Eligibility:  Power & Energy Society members.

Basis for Judging:  Selection will be based on outstanding and meritorious service to the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Presentation:  Presentation of the award shall be made by the Power & Energy Society President.

Click here for the PES Society-level Nomination Site.


Robert A. Dent, Chair

Committee Members:

J. McDonald
W. Reder
B. D. Russell
R. Sullivan
V. Sulzberger
H. Weinrich
M. Bhavaraju
M. Iomenick

Past Receipients:

1972 Andrew R. Cooper
1974 Howard C. Barnes
1977 Thomas H. Lee
1980 Juilius G. Derse
1989 Charles L Rudasill, Jr.
1990 Charles L. Wagner
1991 Theodore W. Hissey
1992 William R. Brownlee
1994 S. Harold Gold
1995 Leo L. Grigsby
1996 C. John Essel
1997 John W. Pope
1998 Roger K. Sullivan
1999 Virginia Sulzberger
2001 Robert A. Dent
2006 B. Don Russell
2008 John W. Estey
2009 Melvin I. Olken
2010 Frank E. Shink
2012 Saifur Rahman
2013 Wanda K. Reder
2014 Hans E. Weinrich
2015 John D. McDonald
2017 Murty P. Bhavaraju



PES, being one of IEEE’s Organizational Units, follows IEEE Policy 4.4H.

IEEE Policy 4.4.H
• Eligibility and Process Limitations. Individuals serving on any board or committee involved at any stage of the recipient selection or approval process for an award shall be ineligible to receive, or act as a nominator or reference for that award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units.