PES Webinar - Electrifying Africa Through 2016 IEEE PES Power Africa Conference

Date: Monday, May 09, 2016 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Duration: 1 Hour

IEEE Power & Energy Society Membership Webinar Series

Electrifying Africa through 2016 IEEE PES Power Africa Conference

9 May 2016 • 2:00 pm Eastern

Presented by Dr. Urenna Onyewuchi, Senior Power System Engineer, Corning Inc.
DR. Lawrence E. Jones, VP, Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid Inc. 
Bai K Blyden, Senior Engineer, Southern Nuclear Services


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This Webinar:

The continent of Africa has a population of over 1 billion people and is the world’s second most populous continent. About two-thirds of its population lives without electricity. The Global Finance Magazine puts the majority of the poorest countries in the world in Africa. Electrifying Africa will play an important role in enabling socio-economic development on the continent. This webinar will provide details on the 2016 IEEE PES Power Africa Conference taking place in Livingstone, Zambia this June, with theme: “Electrifying Africa–Affordable Energy Enabling Socio-Economic Development.” This year’s conference highlights off-grid electrification, though our program addresses technical and non-technical aspects of off-grid and on-grid electrification.

Dr. Urenna Onyewuchi will share statistics on electricity in Africa, conference details, current affairs on power in and affecting African countries, and financed projects on the continent. Mr. Bai Blyden will speak on developing and growing power and energy skillsets in Africa. Dr. Lawrence Jones of the Edison Electric Institute will be speaking on investments and breakthrough technologies to help electrify Africa.

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